I Have Nothing

“I have nothing.”

This mentality seems to be an excuse for many that hinders us from being a blessing to the people around us.

Do we really have “nothing”? Are we really not capable of helping others? Don’t we really have anything aside from money which we can give and share with others? Are our lives that empty that we’ve already made ourselves believe that there’s nothing we can do for other people?

We are born with talents. We all have our own strengths. No matter how many weaknesses we might think we have, there will surely be something up on our sleeves to share. We just need to believe that somehow, in some way, we can touch others’ lives and be a gift to them.

Maybe if we exert little to much effort in thinking of ways in which we can share, the world would be a better place. To start, let me share some things we can start doing.

1. Be aware of others’ needs and circumstances.

Sometimes, we become too focused with our own goals and issues that we fail to see how others are striving to survive. We must be aware and educate ourselves of what’s happening around us to see beyond our needs and extend our daily vision to include others. We see poverty every single day, and come to know of trafficking, discrimination, abuse and violence, prostitution and lack of education in many parts of the country… but we choose to ignore them.

Many of us do nothing. We live as though our problems are bigger than theirs. Some of us just pass the obligation to the government, thinking they are responsible for solving all the issues, when each of us are part of the solution.

2. Use your talents and skills.

We don’t need millions to share. A peso could go a long way. A single voice could start a peaceful revolution. A song could inspire others to see the suffering world outside our comfortable cradle. A piece of artwork could show how much problem the world has and open the eyes of indifferent and insensitive individuals.

We all have something. It only takes initiative to be a blessing to our community.

3. Love truly.

We could move mountains for love, right? We can become heroes to the ones we love, can’t we?

We have instilled in our minds that this type of love is only applicable to the feeling we have for our spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, children, or family. But this should not be so. We can use that kind of love to be a blessing to our neighbours and to the community.

Once we have this type of attachment to others, we begin to join outreach programs, give alms to street children and use our lives to solve the issues our world has, one single act at a time.

On a last note, here is something to think about and live by- a beggar who shares his only bread for the day to another beggar, or a rich man giving his loose change to a beggar?

Never think that you have nothing. We just need the will to give, and all else will follow.

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