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I Give More Than I Receive

Senior Account Manager in an Advertising Agency. Social Media Officer in a PR firm. Broadcast Journalist in a well-known TV station. These are the jobs of people in my Facebook feed. People who finished a certain degree in college. People who rave and rant about work endlessly. (But a job’s always a love-hate relationship, I guess?)

I was in the field of Marketing ever since I graduated. I loved how all my loves were in one department– Events Management, Copywriting, Multimedia. I did not plan on a MMarketing career but that’s where my career led me. It was adrenalin-fueled and I was ecstatic. Editing words and layouts of brochures, following branding guidelines to create posters, booking flights, hotels, venues and caterers for events at the lowest price I can manage to negotiate; editing audio-visual presentations and going home at midnight. The tangible result of the work we were doing made it easy to gauge if we were effective or not. Did the collateral increase sales? Did the annual awards encourage the sales agents to reach their quota? Did the new corporate client feel the sincere welcome during the contract-signing and the launch?

I cannot count the nights I just went home to sleep, bathed and went to the office again. Missing dinner and chit-chats with the family, not being able to ask my little sister how her day was, not hearing my mom talk about the litany of things we girls must do in the house before going to bed like feeding the dogs and locking all doors. Even the latter, one gets to miss. The interactions with people I cared about were sacrificed for deadlines.

I left the corporate world mid-2015. It wasn’t a clean break-up and I wish I’d have done it differently. I loved what I was doing, but there were days I would finish all tasks and wonder “Okay, now what?” Even if I perfected the work I was doing, I did not feel that I was contributing to the grander scheme of things.

Poverty. Unemployment. Social apathy. These are the things I tried to deal with in my new journey. There are so many challenges our world faces and I want to help even in my own little way. Working for a non-profit organization has been very fulfilling. To know that the event went smoothly plus the delegates learned more about how they can create jobs for themselves and others and not be a victim of job unavailability and poverty; to organize youth exchange programs to teach and involve the youth to help change communities with long-term projects; to create information campaigns to inform the youth of their important role in solving social problems… these things give a priceless feeling of fulfillment.

No Christmas bonus. No healthcard. No 14th and 15th month pay. No profit-sharing. None of the usual perks of working for corporate. I’m not even sure how long I can do this service to society, how long it might need me. But knowing that I help make a ripple in the river– beyond sales quotas, beyond client-relationships, beyond setting up posters, banners and tarpaulins– I’d be more than happy to do this until the world becomes a better place to live in.

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Joy Gomez is a Communications officer in a non-profit organization focused on training and developing youth leaders. Advocate of socially-relevant marketing. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf convert since 2013.

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