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I Was Not Even Close To Success Until I Answered This

Are you planning on putting up a business?

I know, you must have all these questions running in your head:

“What business will I get into?”

“Will I get a partner?”

“How will I prepare to finance the business?”

“Who will be my customers?”

“How will I profit?”

All of these are important questions to ask yourself when starting a business. However, I think the most crucial question you will ever have to answer is:


My answer to this question has changed many times since I started my business. I realized this one question can make or break your business.

When I was starting out, my answer to this question was to have fun doing what I love and not have a boss who will tell me what to do.

After sometime, my reason became I just wanted to prove that I can do it on my own.

When I got older, I thought I was doing business to help my employees who have unfortunate circumstances.

Then I got tired, I wondered why I was not as successful as I hoped to be.

One time I read a book that told me that your “why” of doing things is the most important thing you will ever need to reach success. Is your reason strong enough?

It dawned on me, most successful people had a difficult life at the beginning and this is the very reason that pushed them to achieve their dreams.

Look at the stories of the richest men in the country. They all had nothing when they started and it became their powerful “why” that made them successful in their own businesses.

After digging really deep inside me, I realized that what I truly wanted was FREEDOM.

I want to be able to spend time with the people I love because I have the time.

I want to see the world, explore different places and cultures whenever I wanted to.

I want to be able to pull out something from my wallet because someone is in need.

I want to be able to work not because I need to but because I just really want what I’m doing.

I want to learn and study my different fields of interest.

I want to enjoy my life to the fullest while I’m still young and not wait for retirement.

I want to teach people how it is possible and that they can be successful too.

Not having a strong enough reason to be successful in my business dragged me for years. I got complacent and underwent a lot of heartaches.

Defining my “WHY” changed how I approached my business. I now have a clear sense of direction and focus. I know why I’m pushing hard to achieve the goals I have set.

Now it’s your turn to ask yourself and get a very clear, direct, and worthy answer:

Why are you really doing this?

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KC Boter climbed out of her corporate cubicle and founded Love Mondays Project (, which aims to help people discover what they love to do and gain courage to pursue it. She attended The Passion Test Certification Program in Japan and came back as the only Certified Passion Test Facilitator in the country. She believes that the only way to live is to do what you love every single day! Originally posted on

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