If You’re Waiting For A Sign, This Is It

History can only tell how many people have come short on seeing their dreams realized, just because they failed to start. Good ideas or even the brilliant ones remained to be a floating concept on the galaxy of ‘what ifs.’ Why? Because they didn’t dare to start.

If you’re scared to start, then might as well get comfortable in failing.

There’s a thin line between success and failure, and that is taking the risk.

No matter what field you are pursuing, there’s always a challenge of taking the first step to get to your goal. You want to be a writer? Start writing your first composition. You want to be a bigshot CEO? Get that business started. Want to be the next Picasso? Grab that paintbrush and start painting. And it goes on. Keep doing it, but more importantly: start.

Yes, it won’t be perfect right away. In fact, it may be so bad that you are going to laugh at it in the future. But hey, that’s still good. It means you got better and you’d know more by then. If you didn’t bother to do it, there’s nothing to improve on.

It’s not even about the big things all the time. Sometimes the minutest details are the ones that keep you tied up. When you stop yourself from talking to that important person just because you’re intimidated, when you don’t raise questions about matters that sincerely interest you, when you’re too lazy to attend an interview or reply to a message. Those things can make or break your future goals.

So start by saying “yes,” and start by actually starting. You’ll be surprised how things will turn out for you and how much your dreams progress. If you keep on delaying taking that risk, you’ll get stuck on that other end of the line, with the bitter pill called regret.

So for that proposal you have been keeping for years, that call you have been postponing, or that resume you’re afraid to send, take note that it can mean failing without any effort. Yes, it may fail at the beginning, but before you know it, what sucks will turn into a success.


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2 Thoughts

  1. Gretchen says:

    Wow really inspiring. People have lot’s of great ideas in mind but afraid and don’t know where and how to start.

  2. I,myself are afraid for a decade.I always thought it was too late at my age but god is good coz he send me people that speaks for him so now I keep on believing that your article is a great sign.thank you and feeling grateful to read this.god bless