I’m Sorry, I Know

It’s hard to
Feel like I’m not enough
Be overbearing
And always wondering

I’m still struggling
With the insecurities
Trying to find comfort and assurance
In all the wrong places

I’ve been there
Married to my bed and my tears
Letting pain and anxiety
Sink in and start a party I could not stop

I’m sorry
For not embracing what I had
For always counting
What’s wrong and what if’s

But I know I’m
Good, better, and even best
In His eyes
And I don’t have to second guess

But I know I’m
Fearfully and wonderfully made
Imperfectly perfect
For Him and His purpose

But I know I
Can move, and breathe, and live
And in Him
I can always rest

I know I’m
Blessed beyond measure
Abounding in grace and love
Convincing that’s all I really need


About the Contributor

Deb Zara delights in discovering new things. She pays attention to people’s personalities and quirks, and food from newly opened restaurants. She takes challenges head-on and sees value in failure and accomplishment. She enjoys learning about the Bible and how else she can improve on herself. She is in constant motion and in constant progress. She is also into writing, photography, sports, and adventure.

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Artwork by Earl Tawny Hisoler. For more of her works, visit her Instagram.

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