Into the Mountain

I climbed a mountain for the first time. It was last January 15, 2015 at Pico de Loro, Nasugbu, Batangas. And it definitely won’t be my last.

In the mountains, I realized what was important in life. Here’s what I learned from my journey:

1. Climbing a mountain is figuratively like going through life.

We can choose to walk daintily or walk strong to get to the end. Whatever we choose, inevitably there will be mountains that we will face along the way. So, savor the challenge. Stop complaining. Do nothing in haste. Enjoy every moment — whether you’re at the bottom, along the trail,  or at the peak.

Remember: when life brings you mountains to conquer, don’t waste your time asking why. Rather, spend your time climbing over it.

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2. It isn’t just about the mountain itself, it’s about the trail leading to it.

Climbing mountains, like life, isn’t just about the destination — it’s about the whole journey. The challenges you face, the unexpected twists and struggles of the trail, the disappointments you overcome, the skills and courage you gain that you never knew you had– all of these are a part of it.

Whether the trail is rocky, steep, slippery or grassy– just enjoy whatever comes your way and conquer it. There’s no dream that mustn’t be dared.

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3. In the mountains, you gain friends and develop stronger bonds

I’ve observed that there aren’t much trekkers who climb alone. They either come as couples or groups, big or small. Maybe it’s because it would be such a lonely feeling climbing on your own.

Same as in life, you may have your own pace, your own realizations, and your own perspectives– but it’s really best enjoyed by walking together with other people. Throwing around jokes while struggling to reach the top, encouraging each other with cheers and laughters, taking “group selfies” during rest periods, and simply sharing the experience of passing through the most daring and intense trails are the most fulfilling parts about climbing a mountain.

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4. Keep your end goal in mind 

Along the route, tiredness, irritation, drought, and annoyance are among the common feelings you will have, but what will keep you motivated is the anticipation and the desire to reach the summit.

Don’t give up, you’re almost there. It’s within your reach, just keep climbing, fighting and holding on. These are the same words that we tell ourselves in real life.

That amazing feeling you get when you see the world at a higher level– literally and figuratively- is the best and most rewarding part of it all. Don’t stop until you get there.

“Live your life each day as if you would climb a mountain. An occasional glance towards the summit keeps the goal in mind, but many beautiful scenes are to be observed from each new vantage point.”- Anonymous.  

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