Jouel Mina Ayes

NAME: Jouel Mina C. Ayes

WHAT DO YOU DO: I am a full-time Pre Sales Engineer and a part-time freelancer, a volunteer at Kythe Foundation (which I discovered through The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®), and a full-time Church Leader of Jesus the Redeemer and Master Christian Church.


  1. What are the values that you uphold as an individual, and how do you live them out?

The one thing I value most in my life is the love for God, because I believe that when you have a deeper relationship with Him, all values come along with it. I am trying to live it out everyday because people will only believe in you when they see Jesus in your life, when you are living by faith and trusting Him in everything. Through God’s work in my life, I have also learned to value humility, honesty, and kindness, hoping that God is being pleased in the way I live my life.

  1. Tell us about Your Coffee Bean Story. 

“To give back to others hopefully every month.”

That was from my Faith Goals for 2018, and yes, the Lord has fulfilled it in a way I never imagined it to be. It started when I needed something to boost myself up because I was experiencing anxiety that time and thought to visit  There, I learned that I can contribute any article and art that I wanted to share. I submitted an article and after a few weeks, I got an email telling me that they were going to publish my article. I was screaming inside, and it really boosted my energy more when I saw it being published and shared on Facebook. From there, I decided to subscribe to the site.  A few more weeks later, I received an email again inviting me for a talk on “Igniting a Culture of Collaboration”. I read the email not knowing I was having a heart burn, but I really wanted to join, so even if in pain, I still sent in my reply. Days passed, and I received an email I got an invite for the event.  That’s where I first met Clarie and Dindin from the Caring Cup Team!

August came, and I received a message about donating color kits for children. I did not hesitate even if I did not have enough to give because the children receiving them deserve to be happy.

Then, I saw a post from Facebook another chance to join a free workshop called “The Art of Hustle.” I got one slot, and I met the speakers, Tin Advincula and Hans Alli. Out of nowhere, I talked to Tin and told her I wanted to be part of a freelancing community. She did not hesitate to give me her business card. The next day, I sent her an email and told her what I wanted to learn. Now,  I do freelance tasks for her. She’s the best, by the way. I love that I get to learn a lot from her!

Another opportunity came in. I attended the workshop, “Mental Health Matters,” and heard a lot of insights on the subject from great speakers. It inspired me to really focus not just on my health but on others’ as well.


Then, Happy Coffee Bean Month happened, and there, I had fun brewing my own coffee and doing coffee painting for the first time. I’ll definitely be there again next year! I’m looking forward to another brewing experience.

Lastly, the most recent event I attended was the 2019 Giving Journal event at Floridablanca, Pampanga (Home for the Aetas). My heart was so full seeing that I made the children happy. This was my first volunteer work with Caring Cup, and I am excited to do more.

The 1st half of my year was somewhat full of anxiety attacks and low points, but the Lord made a difference in my life. I really I want to thank Him for allowing me to find the Caring Cup Community where I can explore and get involved in a variety of things that foster self-growth, especially in giving back. I  can definitely say that I am overwhelmed with joy!

  1. What event did you participate in that was the highlight of your #CoffeeBeanLife?

The highlight of my #CoffeeBeanLife is the Giving Journal event at Floridablanca, Pampanga (At a Home of the Aetas). That was the first time I really got to engage with a community in a remote area and make them feel loved and valued. I felt so blessed to have been able to use my time to share happiness with others.

  1. What are the lessons you’ve gained as a member of the Caring Cup Community?

The most important lesson I gained is to give more than your capacity. There will be so many ways to give back and one of which is through Caring Cup and volunteering. I guarantee that it will not be long until you realize that while you’re giving back, you are gaining so much even if you didn’t ask for it.

  1. Is there any advice you can give to the community when it comes to living a life of service and excellence?

Live your life not just for yourself, but for others too. I’ve been saying this over and over lately because this is actually what I also want to live out. Always try to put yourself in someone else’s shoes because that is how you will notice that many people need you. Share a smile, a positive thought, a portion of your baon or salary, and most of all, share your time because life, as we know it, is short.

Finally, get things done. I was once only keeping things in mind, but when I finally learned to put these into action, everything changed. I even surprised myself in doing things I once thought I’m not capable of.

Right now, I firmly believe we are all capable of doing everything we imagine to be. Just don’t be exhausted to hustle things out. Always be hungry for new things and never be afraid to meet new people, which in turn, will be part of your success. To God be the Glory!

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