Just Let It Be

As time goes by, I’m slowly learning not to force things to happen.

I’m learning to let go of things which hinder me to my own happiness, to wait and see  what’s going to happen next, and to not expect at all. I’m learning to look forward to the feeling of being amazed by life and witnessing how amazing it is to live. I’m learning to hold the door open for those who are not willing to stay, to set aside my pen and planner and plan on every single detail in every single day of my life. You don’t always need a plan, anyway.

It’s like I woke up from a dream I can’t remember, and it feels like I lose someone I can’t remember who — myself, but not in a negative way. Everyday gets so much easier and better when you don’t expect from anybody.

I’m learning to treat life as a friend. I’m learning to understand life as if it’s my personal coach– there may be a set of rules and instructions to follow, but in the end, the decision would still be in my hands.

I’m learning to appreciate even the simplest of things ,and to smile even when it’s difficult to do so.

Losing has taught me what “gaining” is.

It may make you feel less of a person at first, but eventually, you’ll find your true self. I’m learning to be kind to myself especially during my downfall, to be more patient with myself when other people have lost theirs for me, to spare more time for myself exploring the unexplored paths of life and adding colors to the grey.

So, let go or be dragged? You choose.


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