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Today’s featured post is a contribution from Tom Barba. He shares with us his own tips on how we can keep discovering new music in this day and age where music is easily accessible. It’s absolutely the perfect time to stay connected with our inner music-fanatic selves and take advantage of the many different ways we can enjoy music!

Thank you for sharing this with us, Tom!

Music has always been that ever-present, fluid element that can make or break our day. Whether you’re tuned in during the morning commute, getting your after-lunch coffee fix, or enjoying a nightcap at your favorite bar, music continually drifts along with your thoughts and emotions, until a familiar or likeable tune catches your ear and leaves your happy, sad, or simply nostalgic.

This is why it is very important to keep a healthy perspective towards discovering new music. There’s a wealth of evolving musical styles and emerging artists that dynamically shape the musical landscape – and with an array of digital tools at our disposal, it’s really not that hard of a task be in the know. Here are a few tips on how to keep your playlists continually refreshed.

Get to the streams. Nothing matches the convenience of having a playlist created for you – and online music streaming sites makes it very easy to discover new and emerging music. Among all the popular sites, I’ll narrow it down to the three best ones, in my opinion;

  • Grooveshark – While it has amassed its fair share of controversy, this site still provides the best selection of user-generated playlists and recommendations.
  • NPR Music – Download the mobile app and tune in to a number of college radio stations stateside, as well as insightful podcasts and interviews.
  • Pinoytuner – Don’t be misled by those ‘OPM is dead’ rants; above all the wordplay, there are still a lot of good bands making great music locally.

Get out. More and more international bands are making us a part of tour destinations, while local music festivals like Wanderland and Malasimbo are bringing in new artists and genres. The opportunity to experience these is too good to pass up. Also, local bars like Saguijo and Route 196 still maintain a good schedule of productions, album launches, and events.

Get involved. There are a lot of community sites that aggregate new music finds, unbiased reviews, and healthy conversation on your favorite songs, artists, albums, or the music scene in general. is one of the most diverse social communities on the web, and Reddit Music remains one of their largest dedicated subtopics.  On a more helpful note, the community has a convenient Make me a Playlist sub, where you can request for a list of songs from the community based on absolutely anything, as well as browse the existing playlist suggestions.

Keep these tips in mind, whether you’re putting together a playlist for your workout, a ‘mix tape’ for your significant other, or a recommendation for a friend. A conscious effort in discovering new music can be a very enjoyable experience, as long as you know where to look – and listen.


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