Learning is (Truly) a Part of Life

When I was young and was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I immediately answered I wanted to be someone who drew houses.

I studied & learned how to be an Architect because I wanted to be one.

I studied for 5 years, endured sleepless nights, and battled through the board examinations in order to do so. I remember falling in love and having my first heartbreak. For over a year, I faced my pain head-on and earned a bank of insights and realizations from that single event in my life.

I eventually learned how to get over it and move on because I wanted to live a free life.

Coffee became a way of life for me and I dreamt of being a barista. I learned to be one and even tried setting up my own café but it did not last.

At least I learned a lot about business because I had that dream.

It seemed that God had other plans for me. He called me to work among the communities and minister to those who were in need. Who would have thought I’d be involved in that? I again studied for 4 years while working with a mission organization that reaches out to the rural communities.

I was trained and finally earned my masters because I felt in my heart the passion to help others.

I never wanted to be a mobilizer among the youth to the universities, but I was appointed by my mission organization to be one. I feared travelling alone, not to mention mentoring and befriending young people from different places.

Through the years, I found the art and joy in travelling and learning new cultures, learning to embrace them and their communities because the Lord wanted me to do so.

My mom passed away, which really shattered my heart. I felt enormous pain in my heart for each day that went by.

I eventually learned to live with that pain. It never went away but I learned to cope.

Recently, I was asked to be a Communications and Development Officer. I am terrified of that title and the work itself that comes with it. I turned it down as I have previously done but they asked me to take the position again.

I know God wanted me to, so I took on the position… and at present, I am still learning how to be one.

The Lord surprised me with someone to love. This is not just what I wanted, but I believe what HE up there wanted for me.

Yes, we’re still on the path of learning how to make this wonderful gift work but we are finding the ways to make it work because we know the Lord wanted us to.

There’s no other deeper way for me to explain the role of learning, but simply summarizing my life above. Learning is a part and will always be a part of my life. Whether I wanted to be in that situation of learning or not…intentional or coincidental, learning happens and it won’t stop.

About the Contributor

Figuratively: A rambler and slashie for God who sees herself nothing but one whom the Lord turned into something. Loves knowing different cultures, nature & travelling, talking to people & with an advocacy in nature preservation. Enjoys simple things in life.

Formally: Abigail serves for a church planting organization that focuses among the rural areas as part of the training team & pastoral care &  Youth-in-missions coordinator/mobilizer and serves as well in the Communications and Development office of a Christian Seminary in Quezon City.

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