Leaving a Legacy

10 out of 10 individuals will experience death. This is an absolute truth regardless of gender, age, and race. No one will be notified with the exact date and time of their death. This is a fact that we have to embrace, however harsh it may seem.

In my own humble opinion, there are three reasons why people are scared of dying, which basically fall under the “fear of the unknown.” One, the fear of suffering from severe pain until death; second, the fear of not knowing where to spend the eternity; and lastly, the fear of being forgotten.

I won’t tackle the first as I personally share the same sentiments. This is the very reason why some people want to die from bangungot instead – no suffering from severe pain, on top of sparing the family from piled-up medical bills.

The second is an issue of salvation, which is the most important topic for me. Hence, I opt to discuss this matter on a personal level. If you’re interested, drop me a message anytime.

The third, for me, is manageable. Anyone can work out on this while we are still here on earth. Anyone can live a life that is meaningful and significant and not choose to settle on just existing and surviving. For I believe that if you’re existing, you better matter. The question is, “How do you want to be remembered?”

The answer actually lies in another question, “How do others view you today?”

If you are going to die tomorrow, how will you spend the last 24-hrs of your day? The issue is not about counting the days of your life, but rather how much of your days count.

Have some time to reflect and evaluate yourself and your lifestyle. Be reminded that knowing is not enough; the doing must happen, and the key to doing is being and character building.

Leave a legacy for the people who matter to you. Besides, they are the ones you are afraid of being forgotten by. Do something that will make people remember you for the rest of their lives.

I have my own personal list, which focuses on praying, caring, and sharing. I want to live each day with Christ-likeness as top priority, wherein all else is of second value, and extending the overflowing love I am receiving from Him. You can also have yours.

Since everything starts in the brain and followed by the work on our emotions, which eventually manifests on our behaviour, I suggest you start committing to live a purposeful and remarkable life today. In fact, as one saying emphasizes, “the best time to start was actually yesterday.”

So, how do you want to be remembered? How do others view you today? Is there an alignment or do you need to take a step back for a while to see the big picture, contemplate, and design a greater plan to make a difference – one person at a time?

Leave a legacy.

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Rhea Angeline is a Certified Public Accountant who is currently employed as Finance Specialist in one of the biggest pharmaceutical company in the Philippines. On the side, she is leading a group of women at Christ Commission Fellowship (CCF) with a core drive on teaching, encouraging and inspiring them about life in general. She loves travelling the world and discovering different cultures and traditions. You may find her reading books or watching Korean shows during her free time.

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