Lend a Hand, Learn to Love

“Lend a hand. Learn to love.”

I came from a university that is known to be populated with radical, open-minded people– revolutionaries. My school has had a long history of activisms and uprisings. Times have changed, though. While there are still remnants of the “people-power” spirit in the students, there are less of us going out into the streets, calling the young people to care and to be patriotic.

I honor these people. They have set themselves apart to let their cause be heard, but to teach this generation that to love their own country is going to take more than megaphones and rallies. If there’s one thing I learned in my university, it’s that you learn to love what/who you serve.

I remember having a nationwide event where the school called for student volunteers. Students and faculty members ended up working side by side for the success of the event. There were guests from all over the nation and despite the glitches in the program and accommodations, what kept running on our minds was how to protect the name of our school and how to serve the guests excellently. In short, we ended up working triple, going the extra mile, for five straight days just to be able to serve them well.

In the end, we were overworked and unpaid but the experience was priceless. Our hearts beat with pride for being able to work as a unit, even if most of us were just mere acquaintances. And most of all, the love we felt for our school after the whole experience was stronger than ever. We felt like guardians and warriors ready to fight for what we have poured our hearts and sweat into.

“You love what you serve.”

What I gathered from the experience was that you don’t need to go convincing people to love something, you just have to convince them to love serving. Serving is so addicting and fulfilling. After you do it, you have that sense of ownership for that which you served. Imagine a manliligaw giving all his time, his talent, and not to mention money, for the girl that he is courting. He’s basically serving her, giving her everything she wants and needs just to see her smile and of course, to receive her “Yes”. Do you think that he is just going to accept it if the lady chooses someone else, someone who was not as committed and as generous as him? Of course not! He served her, and in the process, invested in her. There would always be that sense of ownership and love.

If you want your employees to do excellently in their work, teach them to love serving. They’ll end up owning the work you give them and doing the best they can. If you want to see this nation rise up from poverty and humiliation, teach the “public servants” what it really means to serve the public. See what happens when they assume position to serve themselves? They end up loving themselves and their position.

“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”- Matthew 6:21

Where are you investing your resources in? What things are you spending your time on? Where are you pouring out most of your efforts and energy?

Don’t be afraid to serve and to volunteer. You’re making an impact in this world. You’re changing lives, including yours. Your adding value to people and to yourself. You want to be great? First learn how to serve.


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