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Letter To My 30-year-old Self

Hello Sweet,

Days from now you will bid farewell to your 20s and face a new decade of your life. Breathe

When you look back and reminisce about all the work done, goals met, friends made and friends lost, struggles and pains surpassed…smile and be proud of yourself. I know there were times when you felt you were not enough—that your life wasn’t what you hoped for and hasn’t turned out the way you planned it would be. (Remember you planned to get married and finish your PhD before 30?) But there are things that you have no control over. Embrace your story, accept that while it’s different from what you thought it would be, it’s beautiful just the same.

Very often you get unsolicited advice, sweeping generalizations and unfounded assumptions from people. They have consciously or unconsciously made you feel that you are too much or inadequate. Don’t ever let them get into your nerves,keep your sanity.  Learn to filter. You must bear in mind that your source of joy and happiness should emanate first and foremost from yourself. And while this is easier said than done, giving yourself some much-deserved credit for how far you’ve gone is a start. It helps build self-confidence.

My dear 30-year old self, choose to smile despite the turbulence and stress. Nevertheless, you also have the privilege to sulk in peace and cry and remain motionless for some time. If those are the best and only ways to cope, indulge in them–but not for long. You need to get up and give yourself a brisk shake up. And you will be fine.

Be brave whenever fear hurdles your way because you know that He will shield you from any harm. So, learn a new skill. I know how you desperately want to learn how to drive but sometimes the lazy kid inside you is hindering you from doing so. Or buy yourself a leather-bound journal and write some more.  But if for some reason, you can’t achieve this yet this year, don’t give up. Just persevere a little longer. Also, give yourself time to wander For it has given you opportunities to reflect and acknowledge how good your God is.

No matter what you are doing now and who you are now, I hope you never miss the chance to say thank you to the people who’ve shared parts of their lives with you. They are God’s blessings. Choose to have faith. Choose to love. Always choose to listen, for finding someone who really listens is like discovering a rare orchid bloom. Be one of those. Be kind, always.

Until the next letter,


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