Letter To The Best You

I have been watching you from afar, but don’t get me wrong; I am neither a secret admirer nor your Santa Clause. You are not part of the Naughty-or-Nice checklist. I’m not even God. I have been simply watching you when you were helping out a senior citizen cross the street. I could not help but look at how genuine you were, and how thankful that elder woman was.

I have been watching you.

I have been thinking how to approach you when you gave packs of meals to several out-of-school youth in a barangay near your residence. I have been inspired by how you made those innocent children smile genuinely and accept your little tokens like gold mines!

I have also met people like you, same as you do, and the people they have inspired and helped. They have continuously said “Thank you” without asking them to, and you and them kept replying ‘Walang anuman po!’  You exude the positive energy and inspiration the world needs and there is nothing more important than that but a plentiful of commendation.

I have seen others swipe the streets for a day. I have seen service crew who deliberately greets you with their loudest ‘Good morning!’ as you step into their store. I have witnessed how odd jobs require people to stay up late and even work on holidays, missing the most important part of their lives— their family and loved ones. These people are the ones sacrificing for others, letting go of their personal priorities so they serve others, and here we are, writing about them, talking about them, and less likely to bring them to the pedestal where they should be.

We have seen them.

Hence, this letter may not reach our ate, kuya, manong, and manang, the jolly jeep vendors in Makati, the street food stall vendors, the service crew of fast food chains and mall outlet stores, the workers with odd and erratic work schedules, our nurses and doctors with more than 24 hours shifts, our traffic enforcers, even our friends, families, and relatives abroad who are thousand miles away. We can only wish one thing—belongingness when times seem cruel, love when they feel alone, and comfort when they miss their home.

We know them. We rarely talk about them. So this is to us, who do certain acts of kindness. This certain act of kindness may or may not be visible from the eyes of many, but we choose to do one good deed per day, and it’s more than enough.

You are one of the gems of the world that needs saving. You are one of those individuals who share the same aspiration to ignite change and inspire people to act. You are a living source of aspiration, happiness, and hope for people less fortunate than you.

I have seen you—and I hope the world sees you too.

This is for the world who yearns and aches for genuine love. This is for those who are abandoned and unloved. This is for those who are alone and lost. This is for the children from different walks of life, with different skin and eye color, bridges of nose, height, weight, origin, race, and language. This letter is for those who are yet to become leaders, those who want to change the world one simple act at a time. This is for the humanity we share and continue to nourish for our future generations. This simple medium is to tell you—you are loved. You are awesome. You, and your good deeds, will be remembered.

They have seen you—and they wish they would be like you.

Continue creating ripples of inspiration. Never let the fire in your heart be stopped by those who do not believe that you can inspire others. Go for the goal to make others live and succeed. Help until you sweat because no one else will grant you that medal of gratitude but only you. They may see you doing these things, but you don’t do these things for the affirmations alone, but you do this because you want to pay it back.

And I salute you in advance.

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