Live Your Day As If It’s The Beginning Of Forever

One school of thought that have been living by is “to live your day as if it’s your last—for it could be.”

I thought it made a lot of sense. It speaks of urgency – do it now or you may never have the same opportunity again.

Until I realized one thing. Why would I think about my day as my last as a motivation when I can think of it as the start of something that may never end? Maybe I can take a second look at the half-empty, half-filled glass and consider changing the way I have been seeing it.

If I were to live my day as if it’s the beginning of forever, what would have I done?

Obviously, I will live it the best I could with no excuses whatsoever. Besides, if I were to stay longer, why would I love less or serve less or sell less or perform less? If today is the beginning of forever, I will put my heart into it. I will love more, trust more, serve more.

Whatever you do in your life, live your day as if it’s the beginning of forever. It’s a better version than looking forward to the end. This time, let’s look forward to the beginning.

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Lloyd Luna is a Filipino motivational speaker in Manila, Philippines. He has authored ten inspirational best-selling books and has spoken to more than half a million people across Asia.

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