#LiveLifeWithAPurpose has been my consistent hashtag since 2016 for all of my Facebook and Instagram posts, and is now even the title of my blog. This hashtag has already been my personal branding in the workplace and even at home.

But wait, why do I have this kind hashtag? #LiveLifeWithAPurpose is not just a hashtag, my dear friends. It is rather a lifestyle, a platform, and a campaign to inspire and influence positivity wherever and in whatever I am doing.

I believe in making a difference in other people’s lives because that is the best thing to do while I am here on earth – to make a positive difference that glorifies God. And I want to glorify God in everything I do.

It is also a lifestyle of doing things with a purpose in mind. Let me give you actual examples:

  • CAREER: I am a Marketer in a real estate industry. Through whatever event I organize for the homeowners, I make sure that my purpose is for them to eventually leave a positive mark in their lives by making them happy and feel welcomed.
  • SONG COVERS: My favorite hobby is singing but with this, I just don’t want to sing a song. I always try to incorporate #Positivitips in my song covers so that at least, it could spark inspiration to anyone who will listen to it.
  • TRAVEL: Yes, it may be a form of relaxation, but I make sure that traveling would be an avenue to reconnect with God’s creations.

With the samples above, my point is: in whatever you do, there should be a purpose. We cannot do what we do just for the sake of doing it. It is very important to know that we are living a life towards a meaningful direction and purpose.

Without a purpose, we will often find ourselves lost in the middle of nowhere. Without a purpose, it would be difficult to get motivated and inspired.

Purpose drives excellence in whatever we are doing, as the objectives in our mind drive and motivate us to get things done the best way we can. Just make sure that you are driven by the right purpose!

If you are:

  • A sales executive- sell your product with the purpose of helping your clients solve his/her problems.
  • A celebrity- be the epitome of good character and use your influence to positively inspire others.
  • A waiter- serve the food with the best service that would bring happiness to your customers.
  • A teacher- take time to educate & guide your students, not just merely inform them.

The list is endless.

Purpose gives our lives meaning. Purpose makes work meaningful.

Wouldn’t it be better we are all purpose-driven individuals? Hopefully, we would be. May we not be passive in going with the flow of life, but may we have passion, grit, and purpose.


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