Living a Wonderful Life

Our life is too precious to spend a large chunk of our time ranting about the unpleasant circumstances and people around us. It’s going to be our loss if we brood over the irritating people and annoying situations that we encounter. It’s given that we all have our bad days, but stressful moments don’t happen every day. It’s okay to welcome negative emotions since they’re part of our being human, but it’s up to us if we’re going to wallow in them or allow them not to get to us.

When things go wrong, I always remember the nuggets of advice that I learned from great mentors. They always come in handy when needed.

I learned that finding a solution when problems arise is better than wasting your time blaming others and complaining. Ranting will not bring us anywhere.

I learned that staying at peace during a troublesome moment and trusting that God has already got me covered make me happy and keep me on track in the midst of a problem. I still give my best shot to make things better even if I seem to be in a dead-end situation. God’s bigger than any problem, and he always has a way to help all of us.

I learned that moving forward is a good way to stay emotionally healthy. Take small steps at a time should you have to, but don’t get sulky and stuck wherever you are. No one will suffer but you in case you’ve decided to be bitter and stagnant.

I learned that preparing is one of the keys to exit hassle-free and land smoothly to your next goal. We just have to be well-equipped in terms of finances and knowledge and have alternative plans.

I learned that making the best out of your current situation (even if the universe appears to be bombarding you with stressful reasons to hate life) is beneficial for future use. Be observant, and grab all that you’re allowed to take. You’ll be surprised to see how that one annoying event becomes very helpful in one of your future endeavours.

And during our happy days, let’s not forget to celebrate life. In order to attract more of the bountiful happiness, I follow some helpful reminders given by great speakers and authors.

I choose to enjoy the present and know that the future has its own problems. God’s grace is enough for our daily needs. Now is a gift, which is why it’s called the present.

I choose to be grateful even for ordinary things and make them grow. You’ll attract things that get bigger and better if you’re appreciative even for simple things. Heaven will also entrust you with abundant blessings if you can be trusted with small things.

I choose to mind my own business and avoid comparing my achievements (or lack thereof) with the success of others. Everything has its own time to sparkle. Our job is to continuously work with integrity, kindness, and faith, and in God’s appointed time, we’ll experience our own success.

Life is beautiful, and it’s such a waste if we don’t enjoy what it has to offer. The earth is full of lovely places for us to explore, amazing creatures for us to appreciate, and awesome opportunities for us to experience. The one who provided us all these wouldn’t want us to miss the beauty of His wonderful gifts.

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