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How did you spend the 365 days given to you in 2015? Were you able to create worthwhile and meaningful experiences or has it been like a cycle of routines and resets?

I have encountered a fair share of surprises this 2015. The surgery I had to go through is on top of the list. I am grateful for the successful operation, considering they had to remove four different sizes of fibroids in the lining of my uterus. I could say that the most memorable highlight of this experience was reminding me to have enough faith to let go and trust God to be on top of the situation. Allowing Him to be in control of everything gave me the inner peace I needed to power through.

It is but human tendency to plan our daily lives, yet also be caught up with our own agendas and self-interests. However, by doing so, we sometimes fail to realize how we are the ones responsible for building the cycle and creating the routines for ourselves. Next thing we know, the 365 days have slipped away and we are left waiting for another reset.

As I start my 2016, I am once again reminded to look up and remember God’s promises.

Look up because there so many blessings to be grateful for. Be thankful for all the things that have happened and for all the people that have played a role in your life. Be expectant of all the things ahead. Be more open to new possibilities and believe that the best is yet to come.

Look up because there are 365 days and 365 opportunities for you to start anew. Never settle for routine and mediocrity. Strive for excellence because we were created with so much value. Be humble and kind in all ways possible, as life is about giving and sharing.

Look up because the Big Guy up there is looking down at you, waiting for you to utter the desires of your heart.

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Sheryl Samson is an HR practitioner working in the education arm of Ayala Corporation. She believes in the higher purpose and that everyone deserves quality affordable education. In between everything, she loves to travel and explore new things. She thinks that life is awesome and that everyone should take second chances.

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