Love Beyond Attraction

Love – \’luv\ – noun; a feeling of affection characterized by euphoria, exhilaration, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, racing heart, anxiety and panic. We usually associate it with the word ‘spark’.

Being in love is an impermanent state. It could lead to a long term relationship or a ‘falling out’ – it depends on the choice both you and your significant other make.

That said, a relationship thrives when 2 people CHOOSE to:
– openly communicate thoughts and feelings
– trust each other no matter what
– keep the fights clean
– and stick with each other through thick and thin

You don’t get that same head-over-heels feeling forever, it fades. But you have to nourish it. You have to keep brewing that love story. And keep in mind that love is not perfect; but just like the moon, it shines in darkness.

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