Magic Moments

The way we spend our days mirror the way we spend our lives. And while we only have one at our disposal, we find great unhappiness in it and often drown in the routine. We wake up, and go on autopilot almost immediately. What used to be a desire to take your time has now become the need to hop on the next available train ride to get to a destination as quickly as possible. We click on fast-forward and make it seem temporary, until we forget that need to hit pause and rewind.

We have become creatures of habit and delight in ticking off everything on the daily to-do list, which often include not just work-related tasks, but a guide on living. This thinking helps us get work done, but at the same time shakes us negatively when undesirable situations happen. We go off-balanced and fight the realities that go with it and do our best to sway back to the same current, before announcing everything is normal. But normalcy isn’t always an indication of a life lived fully.

Normalcy becomes a standard, a mental state of ‘just okay’. We fear what is beyond and dread what is below, until eventually we drive at a safe middle ground, comfortable enough to allow us the benefit of an established routine. And why shouldn’t we be scared of going against the current? For one, it invites all types of uncertainty into our lives. We know nothing of answers to questions that welcome us, and we don’t have the full capacity to take on something new every single day.

This fear is what lulls us in that middle ground. Fear is that itch disguised as comfort. It’s that momentary bliss waiting to be opened like a sealed envelope. We fear, fear and fear, until eventually we let our magic moments pass. These are the moments that present itself as a choice or an opportunity. Every single day, magic moments are fork roads that tell us to go either left or right without full comprehension of what is ahead. But these fork roads go unnoticed and we camp in the middle of the road because it’s safe—and safety is of importance.

Make no mistake; fear is also the defining factor, the entry-level test, and the all-too-sought-after sign for what’s next for us. Overcoming this fear is both permanent and beautiful. It is through the constant fight to overcome the fear that we discover something new, something worth it, and something essential to our faith.

To get over this fear, we discover the biggest contradiction. We discover that routine is necessary, and determination is more important than knowledge. We learn that in order to see the beauty of a magic moment, we need to accept what is ordinary. And so this realization, when we hold on to that control, contemplating which button to click. When we finally see the fork road waiting for us, remember that habit is just as important as spontaneity; the same way spontaneity is valued out of a habit.

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