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“For many are called but few are chosen” – Matthew 22:14 

M.A.D. for Enzo’s Cause was launched in October 2011 as a thanksgiving. My son was born with a hole in his heart but at 8 months, he was miraculously healed. It was primarily because of this that we decided to launch this cause which we named after him. MAD or Making a Difference is particularly close to my heart because I was born with it too! However, unlike my son, I was less fortunate; I needed and underwent an operation.

Basically, we have turned my son’s birthday parties into a fundraising event wherein family and friends give donations instead of gifts. Beneficiaries of our cause are what they call social services patients –most of their expenses are paid for already thru government support but they still have minimal costs to shoulder, ranging from P6,500 to P40,000.

To-date, we have helped a total of 17 kids of various ages coming from different parts of the country. We always try to visit them to get to know their story and to tell them about ours. After three years of doing this, we are still inspired to continue because it has become more than just a thanksgiving gesture now. It has become more of a mission to promote the act of paying it forward. We have embraced this mission especially when we learned from the doctors we have worked with that we are the only family they know doing this. We may not be financially rich but we have a big heart overflowing with the desire to promote helping our fellowmen. I have always believed in the goodness of people. Imagine if every person would vow to help, I am sure that act of goodness will make a whole lot of difference in the world.

Since we have committed to a target of 50 kids by the time my son turns 7 (October 2017), we have been creative with our fundraising activities as well. My son tried in the past to sell golden retriever pups, we gave away soda alkansya with the caption: “It takes only a little… to change a child’s life forever,” and soon, we will be launching our biggest project called Sponsor a Child Program wherein for only P10,000, not only do you get to sponsor a child but you also experience visiting the child with us. Each encounter may just last for about 20 minutes but it will definitely be life-changing.

All these and more are what I call launches from the heart. 

This is our story on how we have touched and will continue to touch the lives of others. To find out more about our advocacy, visit our Facebook page for M.A.D. for Enzo’s Cause and get that heart-changing experience!

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Me-Ann To-Becina is a corporate woman who puts her being a mom & a wife as priority. A happily married woman to a very loving husband,  a dedicated mom & wife, and an advocate of ‘every small act of kindness goes a long way.’

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