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Make Each Moment Count

Time is a priceless commodity. Rich, poor, young, old, sick or healthy… we all need time. Life is equated to time. Each moment productively spent is equal to a life experienced at its finest. Therefore, wasted time consequently results to a ravaged portion of existence.

Nothing is certain in the world we live in and in all this uncertainty is the uncontrollable feature of time. Morbid yet true, life ends. No one is sure about the future; one can just remain hopeful that after a solemn slumber, a good morning awaits. But sometimes, too much faith on a beautiful future makes one complacent. The belief that a cheery tomorrow will arrive can make us neglectful, until it becomes a usual practice.

Yes, the world we live in is in a state of rush. But despite the busy reality of everyday life, taking significant people and events for granted is never acceptable because of the limits of time. Often, human love is fully expressed when someone is already on his deathbed, where only short moments of warmth can be shared. People rarely realize that time is fleeting and that missed milestones can no longer be re-experienced. So when is “I love you” best said and shown? During a funeral where the beloved can no longer hear it, or in a moment where it is best felt through togetherness?

Your time is not permanent, mine is also uncertain. Get this: it is never about the amount of time spent, but it is more of the quality of time given in every relationship, event, or endeavor.

It is up to you how to spend your time productively. MAKE EACH MOMENT COUNT.

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