Making Essential Conversations in Coffee Shops

One of the easiest conversations a person can have in a coffee place is with a barista. When  baristas take an order, they greet, and customers respond politely while giving their payment. It’s a really simple illustration of a give and take conversation. But, while there are simple ones more ‘scripted’, there are more substantial conversations that can be made, especially when one spends enough time in a coffee shop. There are a lot of opportunities to get to know other people and have quality exchanges with them, you just have to take note of the following tips:

There is beauty in silence

Silence is essential in conversations just as how rest notes are important for keeping rhythm. It is okay to be silent at times, to pause and reflect on what you have said. This will also allow you to gather your thoughts and compose your message properly, and warn you of any tendency of stating your opinion too much.

Always talk less than necessary

Have you ever felt like you should’ve never said something or you took over the conversation, leaving the other person awkward? Try listening more than talking and realize how the person will become more comfortable in opening up and become more engaged in communicating with you.

Engage in conversations to build relationships

Many of us claim to understand that conversations were made to strengthen bonds between individuals, but our actions propose otherwise. The best technique to making efficient conversations is to understand whom you are talking to. Once you obtain a good assessment of the person, his personality and interests, you will figure out the right words to say and the proper manner to deal with him. When you become observant in a conversation, you will avoid the risk of offending the other person in any way. Humor is still a classic approach. Have a good laugh and maybe give your own share of the jokes.

Always remember that this is all about reminding ourselves to be mindful with our words in order to improve our connections with the people we meet.

About the Contributor

Louise Fortinez, is a multimedia student based in Davao City, Philippines. Apart from that, she’s a watercolor artist and freelance writer. This article was originally posted in her blog.

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