Meeting Daddy

Inna shares with us a glimpse of her family life, and how she is open to giving relationships that seem to have been broken a new chance to grow and blossom.

My parents were annulled when I was 2 y.o. (I’m 20 now). My 2 siblings and I have always been with my mom and her side of the family. I didn’t think anything of the separation because I was 2 and didn’t understand. When my grandmother talked about my dad, she was all about how irresponsible he was and how bad he was for our family. 8 years after a guy contacted me on Friendster and said he was my dad. I gave him my number and he called. My and my sister talked to him and I remember how terrified I was because if my parents/ grandparents knew they would scream at us! But we continued to talk for days secretly. He invited us to lunch and that was when I realized that our contact shouldn’t be kept secret any longer. I told my mom and she cried but allowed us to go see him anyway.

Me and my sister went out to lunch with him and his part of the family… my other family. It was great. We saw each other again 3x after that day. I can’t say I love him. I know he’s my dad and I should have innate love for him but I don’t feel it. All the stories told to me about how he abused my mom affected how I see him and I feel our relationship has always been broken.

I shouldn’t dwell on the past though. My sister and I might see him again this month and I’m ready to rebuild our father-daughter relationship to the point that it feels like it always existed. Maybe it’s not always about trying to fix something broken. Maybe it’s about starting over however late it might seem to be and create something better.

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Inna describes herself as – “I have an uncontrollable sweet tooth and I derive great pleasure from eating Gelato”

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