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Memo on Moping

Hey Jude, don’t make it bad.


With every passing second, all this becomes is something you just look back to. And by some miraculous (or basic biologic) intervention, you won’t remember the night you stayed home (broke, while out-of-town photos of friends coursed down your feed.)


When the present feels a bit too dreary, try visiting the future; stealthily, quickly, in a trip without toll-gates, maps, and bathroom breaks. It’s the most exciting place for anyone. Guess what — you have air passing through your lungs, signals tirelessly shooting between synapses, and blood churning inside your heart! You’re alive, and you still have a chance to shape the world into something you want to live in, where lonely silence will dissolve into laughter and boredom will give way to bliss. That gift may feel old 23 years into owning it, but, remind yourself you could lose it anytime and you suddenly realize you have everything you need.


You’ve had bad days but you’ve had good days, and you will have better ones. Do not mourn the flux in between. Instead, tame your heart by refusing to nurse sadness without a fight. Be comforted by the immutability of transience, because it is only in instances like this one when change will effect in your favor. Make a mental note to thank the heavens the next time you find yourself in a moment which you are thankful to be in. In a vicious world, those moments are all you need to know about paradise. Google a picture of the earth relative to the entire universe. Keep your chin up.


Take a sad song and make it better.

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Anne Cordero is a Dentistry student at the University of the Philippines-Manila. When she closes her eyes all she can see are the grooves on your molars and premolars . If she manages not to think about teeth and gums for a minute she reads and writes to keep the flame of her love for words burning eternal. She is also looking for patients she can treat in school as part of her clinical requirements. You can visit her blog here.

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