More Than Conquerors



Just recently, I heard a preaching about being “More than conquerors” from Joyce Meyer’s podcast. Reading from the book of Romans 8:37

“No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.” (Romans 8:37)

The message was very timely in my case as indeed I am going through a situation. What strikes me most in the message is that I may be going through a situation right now, but the good news is, I am just ‘going through‘—just a moment in time that will not last forever. It too shall pass.

I agreed when she said that…

“It is easy to talk about faith, sing about faith, read books about faith but applying faith is a different kind of level” – Joyce Meyer (p.p.)


Indeed, exercising my faith is harder than reading them in books, hearing them in preachings and even singing them in worship songs. The value of faith is shown when tested in situations. My attitude is being tried. My response to attacks determines my real attitude when the going gets tough. Honestly, my responses are not that good recently. I tend to portray to be the victim and try to think that people should understand me and support me for what I am going through. My innate stubbornness and ill-temperedness easily shows when being attacked by criticisms, persecutions and even by the weather. It was just recently that I realized that these people are just teaching me that I am not the only one experiencing pain and troubles.

Most of us don’t want to be in that kind of situation. We don’t want people to see the real us. But we have to be in that situation. We need to have our faith be tested to see how deep our foundation is to the word of God. What comes out of our mouth firstly comes from our heart and mind. So, whenever I say bad things to people or respond negatively to attacks or difficult situations, I could clearly see (and unfortunately not only me, but other people as well) how shallow my faith is or what I am feeding my mind and my heart. It just simply means, I got a lot of work to do. I have to dwell more in the presence of God. I need to not only read His word (for the sake of saying I did my daily devotion), but practice to put them into action.
As of the writing of this post, I am still in a trying situation. It is not easy and there are times I don’t know what to do. I tried to control things just like what I always do because I want everything to be in place or in order. But God has a different plan. I am learning along the process of His teaching. I just need to keep holding on to Him and have faith that all will be well in the end, that there’s indeed light at the end of the tunnel and as His child, if I will remain faithful and abide in Him, He will guide me through and not let me stay where I am and rot.

“Whatever problem comes your way, you can handle it through Christ because in Him, we’re more than conquerors.”

How about you? How do you deal with your trials?

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