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My 9 No-Fail Activities for a Better Work Day

I salute people who are career-oriented—it takes a great deal to always have the motivation and will to work and earn a living on their own. At the same time, I also know for a fact how excruciating it is to balance career and personal life.


So to all the hardworking people out there, here are my 9 no-fail activities that will boost productivity in any work day and make you feel better.


  1. Have a Morning Routine Before Going to Work


It all starts with a perfect morning routine. I personally love the idea of having routines to live by. It gives you something to look forward to. Your morning routine can include a skincare, productivity, workout, or even makeup regimen, as long as it gives you a nice primer before you head out the door and start working.


  1. Don’t Check Emails First Thing in the Morning


Checking your emails first thing in the morning is actually proven to decrease work productivity. Spending all your time in the morning reading and answering emails can be a major waste of time. Unless it is urgent, avoid opening your inbox as soon as you get to your desk area.


  1. Never Skip Breakfast


I am guilty of not having a proper breakfast and relying on just coffee. Later did I realize that whenever I skipped breakfast, I would easily get stressed and distracted at work. Remember to always eat a healthy and balanced meal before going to work.


  1. Make a To-Do List


A perfect to-do list will give you a better outline of what needs to be done on a daily basis. Try to keep at least 7-10 important tasks you need to accomplish and use this list as your guideline during the day. Reward yourself at times when you have done a great job, and have the list to track and monitor your progress.


  1. Have a Personal, Relaxing Moment


Create an opportunity for you take a break within the day to relax from the hustle and bustle of work. One thing I look forward to during my workday is my one cup of coffee habit by 3pm. I would feel so pumped up just by sipping my coffee while listening to my favorite playlists on Spotify. It is also better to maximize your lunch break by taking a power nap or watching a movie that will make you feel inspired.


  1. Learn Something New Everyday


I always bring a book with me wherever I go. I try to find time to read in the morning as I commute to work, since I ride an FX going to Ayala. I also try to read other online blogs that interest me. Make every day an opportunity to learn something new. Listen to podcasts, talk to your workmates, and visit places that will boost your confidence and help you learn from different experiences.


  1. Don’t Feel Guilty to Take a Vacation Leave


Once you become a regular employee, you become entitled to the benefit of a vacation leave. Use your VL’s strategically so you can try to travel more, or cross out something from your bucket list.


  1. Go for a Quick Exercise


A quick exercise in the morning can help boost your energy all day long. You can search for the perfect exercise online and watch videos and read blogs to know which one will suit your needs. I try to follow the morning part of my Balik Alindog Program. If I ever run out of time in the morning, I see to it that I still do some head-to-toe stretching instead.


  1. Read Some Morning Devotional


We all know how the busy schedule can rob our time spent with God. But it should be the opposite. The more your life gets busy, the more you need to spend time with God, as He is the only provider of the blessings you receive. Reading the bible and doing some morning devotional will surely align your day right.


I hope these nine activities inspire you to set your workday right! Good luck!

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  1. Michaella says:

    These are great reminders! I am excited for my “working season”! Would love to take note of these things as I begin to work! Thank you, Izza!