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Never Let Appreciation Depreciate

Life, reality speaking, is a series of unlimited wants. We get what we want then we move further, moving on to another want. It seems like life is an endless chase for satisfaction. People never quite being contented with the things they have and rather, have a longing for the things they don’t. Sometimes, the things we aspire for are not even necessary for ourselves.

It seems like the society we live in today dictates the norms of what we should have. Things become symbolisms of statuses in the community. It’s like what we have is what defines us… and what a thing of beauty we don’t have makes us less desirable or makes life less convenient. Really people– not everything society teaches us is true and leads us to a good life. Those material things we continuously crave for are just superficial. Same with the happiness people taught they bring.

Why can’t people just accept who they are and what they have? I’m not against consumerism, but I believe that too much can definitely be bad for a person.

It’s time to wake up from the mentality that material things make people better. It’s time to stop the “Oh, I’ve got what I wanted, now what next?” thoughts.

The real key to happiness is appreciation. Always try to appreciate what you have and be contented. It’s true that one can’t have it all… so let’s not waste our time trying to prove otherwise, realizing too late how futile it is to rely on material and superficial things in making someone’s life fulfilling and worth living.

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Therese Josefel is currently a student of the University of the Philippines Manila. She appreciates the littlest things, believes in miracles, and survives reality one smile at a time.

You could find more of her works at http://therealjosefel.wordpress.com.

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