No Inhibitions

We often search for the things that will somehow bring symmetry and balance into our lives. In making decisions, it has always been a constant battle of compromising what is radical yet practical, and this often leads to us settling for something that will, at the end of the day, bring comfort.

This comfort, we tend to hold onto for so long because it reminds us of a place that is familiar and safe, like a home. But has it ever crossed your mind that maybe this comfort that we feel is the same thing that impedes us from growing and experiencing a far more complex yet beautiful world surrounding us?

Most of the time, we do not recognize the range of our capabilities because of what we see in this world. When we look up and realize how some things are naturally taller and bigger than us, the monsters of insecurities and doubts subconsciously creep in, clouding our judgments and instilling fear. How do we release these negativities behind and see things in a different perspective?

We can start by not living in boxes based on the perceptions of others, rather, living for what we think is right for ourselves. Let us slowly break down the walls limiting freedom to allow creativity and imagination flourish and become our backbone in trying out new things. We are all built in different ways and it is up to us to discover them one block at a time.

By trying and exploring what we are capable of in different ways, and what is out there, our sphere of experiences will continue to expand, and so will the learning and knowledge that we can obtain from them. Do not worry about making mistakes and stumbling at times, because the world constantly evolves and life is always in constant motion. We can always stand up and move on.

Do not be in a hurry to rise to the top because we will get there anyway. It is all a matter of how we pull ourselves up each time, not minding how others are doing it. It will also help if we look up and be inspired by the skies instead of fearing the height by looking below.

So when you reach a point when you’re on the edge of something deep and unknown, will you take the plunge?

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Kat Mendioro is a new addition to the Engagement Marketing team at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, handling Brew Your Best Year and Caring Cup projects. She is a staunch advocate of sunshine, laughter, and positive vibes, and she tries to share them with people through meaningful conversations, spur-of-the-moment activities, music and performing arts, and traveling.

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