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Notes on Running

They say life is not a race but, in many similar ways, it is.

Think of it as a long drawn-out run where pacing is a significant thing to consider. If you run too fast at a speed you are not capable of, you may easily burn yourself out. If you run too leisurely, you’ll get tremendously left behind and may fall out of the scamper. But when put side by side along other runners (and also fittingly when going out on your own), you’ll learn it is best not to compare and to just run at your own rhythm. You would know the cadence that’s best-fitting.

Take it one step at a time and begin with a comfortable, consistent speed. Once you’ve acquainted yourself to a steady velocity, strive to do better. The variations from one run to the other may not be drastic, but with each try and each step you take, you are pushing yourself a little bit further.

While moving forward, you’ll learn that it isn’t all about the physical distance that you’ve covered. I believe there is such a thing as mental mileage. And willpower is a potent tool that will keep you rolling. Running is a highly mental amusement, where the desire you have is an instrumental factor to how fast and how far your legs can take you. And in occasions you’ve gained momentum, use it. Use in your favor.

I guess there will be long, wearying distances to traverse – perhaps tests of our capacities – but I’m pretty sure they will be interspersed with second-long sprints, moments too glorious and too short, we’d love to re-live them all over. There is a surge of adrenaline when sprinting fast or after conquering long-distances. But in the event that the going gets tough or too exhilarating, allow yourself a moment to slow down and to stop, if necessary. Catch your breath, regain your bearings, and start again. Return to your organic rhythm.

Bring to mind that the race of life has no definite finish line and only you can say whether you’ve had a good, fulfilling run. Hence, the only runner you’d truly need to transcend is yourself. Time and effort is at your own expense. So, hit the road, enjoy the run, and keep going…Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 5.05.59 PM

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Louise Isabel Mendoza is filmmaker who enjoys making stylized films. She has a love-hate relationship with metaphors. She also likes to run on some days.

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Photo by Wednesday Sambile, who is a letterer, crafter, and cat lover based in Cavite. Check out her works on Instagram.

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