On Being Happy

In this modern age, where people across the vast earth can easily make connections through mobile phones and social media, we ask ourselves: Are we REALLY happy?

Much of the thoughts around this idea is whether we allow ourselves to make other people REALLY happy. This includes the people we talk to everyday – our parents, significant others, children, you name it! Don’t forget the officemates we share our coffees with and perhaps even gossip with. And yes, the list isn’t complete without the nameless strangers that you watch from a distance during your daily commute.

I have come to the conclusion that in order for a person to truly be exuberant, one has to help others experience it first.

Some time ago, I was blessed to have met a group of strangers at a coffee shop. They were there to listen to me talk about “making others happy.” I was there to share my thoughts about being a volunteer for Make-A-Wish Foundation, and infuse the story behind “The Exuberant Life.”

I was not surprised, however, that each of these individuals had something to say about making other people happy.

One lady was born with a defect in her heart and had to undergo surgery in her early teens. Imagine what she felt when they discovered that her newborn had something similar. Since then, she has taken on the calling to dedicate time and effort in rallying friends, family, and church-mates to support the cause of the numerous other children who are in dire need of treatment. Her statement: “Making others happy I believe is my reason for being” pushes me even up to today. Thank you, Me-ann for your inspiring work.

Another lady, who was very reserved during the talk, managed to spell it out for me.Nina‘s words were:

Sometimes the road to making others happy is fraught with obstacles that can discourage you from your life mission or make you doubt whether you’re doing the right thing.  What matters is that you keep going.


That day reminded me that it was all about rekindling the essence of being happy.

We did exactly what Genesis, an inspired blogger who was present that day, invokes, “I enjoy imagining and appreciating the little things that make me and make people around me happy.”


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One Thought

  1. Zarah d zabanal says:

    Hi apa, glad to read one of your articles here.. Thanks for being an instrument in making others happy. I was in awe when i just watch how you make my sponsored child nino open up and do the art work. What will i do if you’re not there.

    just a simple smile makes others happy 🙂