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On Finding Passion Again

Passion is what fuels your heart.

It is what sustains you amidst intellectually-challenging, physically-tiring, and emotionally-exhausting daily activities.

Passion makes you forget existing impossibilities and gives you immeasurable courage to take on bigger challenges.

It serves as your personal compass as you take journey finding your purpose.

Passion acts as your anchor that at times when the waves get too strong and starts to carry you away, it keeps on to the ground.

It holds you and make you stay still.

But what if one day, your passion totally diminished — your heart starts to beat slowly to not beating at all,  you suddenly lose a clear sense of direction, and you start to be shaken by adversities? Is it possible to find it again?

  1. Low level of passion is a natural phenomenon

There is this one term in my Economics class that I always remember, it is called “Point of Saturation” it explains that once the product has already reached all its potential market, the demand becomes less than the supply of the product. There is a challenge in terms of growth and scope.

When this phenomenon came to my mind, I realized that probably this is what also happens to our passion sometimes.

When we have already given all the energy, dedication, resources, into our passions, it can somehow affect the level of passion we have over time. Not because we are tired of doing the same thing over and over again, but probably because we feel we have already mastered how things are done. It lessens the excitement and thrill and becomes a routine already. We start to be bored about it and that becomes the challenge.

When you feel like your passion is getting low, take a pause and look for other opportunities to improve your craft. There might be some things you are overlooking because of overfamiliarity with your work. Look at passion in a different way this time – a passion to explore new ways to mold the clay.

  1. Find a venue where your passion can go somewhere worthwhile.

I have always believed that there can be no passion without love; the two of them always work as a pair and complement each other really well.

Love, like in relationships, can start to fade once it becomes unappreciated. Neglected love affects passion that it makes us lose interest in what we do.

Likewise with passion, if one stops valuing it, you lose the motivation to keep going, you feel useless to take the extra mile, and you feel like you have lost your purpose.

This reality happens to many passionate people I know. There are times when the world ignores their passion and shuts them off. On severe scenarios, it demoralize them.

When you feel like no one appreciates your passion, find a venue where you can generously pour it and make it worthwhile. There are many ways to share your heart with others like supporting a cause, volunteering, or dedicating yourself to a ministry. Find people who have the same heartbeat as yours.

  1. Let passion rest, but don’t allow yourself to lose it.

As humans, it is natural that we become weak sometimes but we should not stay in that state for a long time. We will rest but never quit.

Passion gets tired too, zeroing on many factors that might probably affect its shooting level.

Personally, losing one’s passion might mean losing your heart, your compass, and your anchor. Once it’s gone, it will be harder to navigate life or work.

Accept vulnerabilities, take a well-deserved break, and find a way to ignite that passion back.

While adversities might welcome you along the way, stay still and know that those too shall pass. You have to hold on to your passion, to what keeps you going.

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