On Having Courage

I don’t have to prove myself to anyone. But sometimes, you have to stand up for yourself because there are just some people who will always try to bring you down, just because they don’t want you to do better than them.

Ever since I started to “expand my comfort zone” by travelling to different places and climbing mountains, I’ve only got these two feet and my own shadow. It’s not easy to travel alone or with a group. It takes a lot of time, effort, sacrifices, risks and most of all, COURAGE. It took me a lot of courage to ride that bus going to Baguio last year, and when I pleaded to the guard at the bus to allow me to sneak in, just because I had to catch up to the early morning trip to Sagada. Alone and cold inside the bus, I had to muster up more courage to speak and introduce myself to my seatmate. He willingly accompanied me to the terminal going to Sagada. From there, I learned that there are a lot of ‘good samaritans’ along the way.

It took me a lot of courage to climb the second highest mountain in the Philippines, knowing that I should never underestimate a mountain. That courage made my dream come true. It also took me a lot of courage to endure the pain of my right foot injury while going down on a mountain
during my last climb.

Going to the mountains every now and then have been my life for the past two years. It kept me going. And I’m happy when I see people who already do the same, because it inspires me even more to keep on pursuing my passions. These feet have experienced so much. Bruises, scrapes, and injuries. Have walked so many miles, climbed for hours, and ran a distance. Today, I’ve been challenged by the opinions of others who don’t understand why I do what I do. But that doesn’t stop me from chasing all the things that keeps me ‘alive’. “The lion does not lose sleep over the opinions of the sheep.”

Always travel with passion and purpose!


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