Last week, I had lunch with my mentor, who is currently battling Stage 4 cancer. We talked about good karma – how, if you do good, it will come back to you in the most unexpected ways.

“Like my cancer,” he pointed out.

“Oh. It’s been almost a year since you were diagnosed,” I recalled.

“If I didn’t get an ulcer and had to get a checkup, I wouldn’t have known I had Stage 4 cancer. I would probably be dead by now,” he continued. “That’s good karma.”

He didn’t even lament about the fact that he had cancer; he chose to be grateful for the detection.

“The Universe is about give and take,” he said. “We give without expecting anything in return, and then we are able to take. That’s why [the phrase] is not take and give, it’s give and take.”

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Anna R. Oposa is a multi-hyphenated changemaker. She is a writer, speaker, and project manager, but is best known as the co-founder and Chief Mermaid of Save Philippine Seas (SPS). SPS is a movement to protect the country’s coastal and marine resources through information, communication, and education campaigns and community-based projects.

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