Poems on Growth and Change

there was once this woman
standing by the ledge

looking back from her shoulder wishing, fervently,

that she took that violin lesson
her mother asked her to go

and as she leaned forward
and kissed the air

she thought for a minute
how lovely the wind can sing

i ordered a matcha green
and i left not only with my tea

but also a smile
and a phone number

scribbled on brown tissue paper

i once wrote a sappy private message
asking a friend back in college

for a coffee date
but i never got to send it

i never learned
my propositions

and tenses

and superlatives

a lovely lady by the park
once engaged me to do gardening

and even helped me pick my tools
which i used to plant a durian tree with

but i never knew
how lovely sunday morning

years and years and years hence

that very same tree
will help my wee daughter

escape from a rabid dog
and how the lovely lady who

once engaged me to do gardening said

what comes around comes around

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