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Quitting Is Winning

The moment I quit was the moment I lived.

I have never considered myself a quitter for the simple reason that I’m always too scared to do so. The safest thing to do is to settle – and it has killed my soul multiple times. I thought that the next time I quit is when I finally accept that my music dreams are just dreams. But when I actually did it, began the series of changes in my life that I have never imagined will happen.

I quit fear.

There’s actually nothing to be afraid of because there will be something out there that will scare you. Face them. When I finally decided to pursue music full time, I jumped blindly into the unknown. I didn’t know whether I would land on water or stone, but it has taught me how to fly. And it has taken me places I would never have imagined I’ll discover. My freedom has only opened the vast opportunities for me to explore. Quitting gave me wings.

The only thing you should be scared of is not doing what you’re meant to do.

I quit self-doubt.

“I am not good enough.” Why pursue a career that’s entirely based on talent and skill when you’re not even at par with those who made it? That’s what I always thought. Looking back now, I realized that those are just thoughts. Small achievements have become my fuel to keep me going. These remind me that my heart and passion is enough. My hard work is enough. I AM ENOUGH.

I quit comfort.

The road to the peak is never an easy climb. Pursuing music has forced me to break my routine. It’s constant practice, studying, research, and self-discovery. The best songs are written with broken hearts, right? It’s a constant struggle and sacrifice, but I’m willing to put up with it in exchange of a life that allows me to be vulnerable so I can create something that uplifts and inspires. I am ready to be broken every single time for a lifetime. It’ll all be worth it.

It still feels surreal looking back at the past year seeing how far I’ve come, and it’s still a long journey ahead. And these series of resignations are a reminder that quitters also win. I’m glad I’ve made the right calls.

So when are YOU quitting?

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Zsaris Mendioro is a singer-songwriter, loop artist, one-woman band, beatboxer for a cappella group Pinopela, plays bass for Lara Serena, and a session musician for different artists. After working in the music industry for 6 years, she finally pursued her own solo music career after winning Mossimo Music Summit 2015. She plans to release her own album by next year and invites you to go check out her live looping gigs and videos online.

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