Read This If You’re Going Through An #Adulting Crisis

Sometimes, the reality that you’ve already reached adulthood hits you in the face out of nowhere.

Your first instinct would be to hit back, but that wouldn’t hurt adulthood because it has no feelings; also, it’s intangible.

When that intangible thing smacks you in the face, punch the air and just pretend it’s getting hurt.

When you’re done with that, actually start dealing with your Quarter-Life Crisis.

Adulthood is scary and intimidating but you’ve probably faced things before that could also be described using those two adjectives. What’s different with adulthood is that once you reach it, it becomes a permanent state of being. Yes, there are many other milestones, but you have to go through these milestones… whilst being an adult.

If you ever find yourself in an adulting crisis, here are a few things you may need to hear right now.

  1. No one is born knowing how to do this kind of thing. Sure, Beethoven was already composing symphonies at six-years-old but his mom probably still washed all of his tiny powdered wigs. Do you think he knew how to file his taxes? No, he was too busy learning music things. Also, he probably didn’t need to pay taxes yet. The point is, no child is ever born knowing how to do taxes; it’s something you learn from other people (and probably something that should be taught in schools, just saying). If you’re having trouble knowing how to do adult things; ask for help. Ask for help and advice from older adults who know how to do the things that you can’t. If you don’t have people like that in your life, get some.

But in the meantime, use the internet.

This is the age of people posting YouTube tutorials of the things they’re experts on, for free! Take advantage of that and all the information available out there.

  1. There is no specific mold that adults have to fit into. What’s the first image that pops into your head when you hear the word, “adult”? For me, it’s an image of my parents. They’re probably the most adult adults I know because they’ve taken on the responsibility of teaching me how to adult. But, however “grown-up” they are, they still ask for my help when it comes to technology. Being more knowledgeable than my parents about this one thing doesn’t make me one-up them when it comes to adulthood because obviously, they still know countless things I don’t. They became confident in the fact that they are adults because of their experiences in life. How then could we have a set mold for adulthood when every person’s individual experiences are different? We can’t.

There is no perfect model of what an adult should be and what an adult should look like; an adult can look like anything (except babies; babies are definitely not adults).

  1. You’re already an adult and you don’t have to prove it to anyone. Hey, look at that! You’ve lost all your baby teeth and you’ve stopped getting taller. You know what that means? You’re a grown-up person. Good for you! There is no checklist when it comes to whether you’re an adult or not; you just are. No matter where you are in life; whether you think you’ve done what you wished you had already done by the time you were the age you are now, it doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t make you less of an adult when you don’t have life all figured out yet.

The fact that you’re trying to get somewhere (though you may not know where yet) means that your adult mind is conscious and wise enough to know that there is, in fact, somewhere you have to go. You don’t have to prove your adulthood. One day you’re going to do something mature like teaching a youngling how to get a wine stain out of a carpet and the fact that you are confident in your being an adult is just gonna smack you right across the face.

So don’t feel bad just because you don’t “feel” like an adult; you definitely are one, even if you don’t know a thing or two about taxes, or about mortgage, or about career direction. Life takes time, so don’t feel bad for not being a perfect adult. As long as you do your best in taking responsibility for your life, you’re good.

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