Receive, Share, and Be Blessed

“God blesses you as you give” – this is the usual statement I hear from Victoria Olsen during their love gift/tithe giving time during their Sunday service at Lakewood Church. It is undeniably true that God loves to bless those who share their blessings with others. After all, we are mere stewards of his treasures here on Earth and he blesses us, so we can bless others more.

On a financial-related matter, I’ve heard stories of those who don’t even have enough to fund their own major needs (e.g., a family member’s surgery, a huge amount of credit card debt, etc.), yet they decided to share whatever amount they can to help another relative or friend who is also troubled by sickness and lack of financial capacity. This kind of story never fails to amaze me as it shows just how God would immediately provide these generous people with what they need just in time. The sufficient amount of money and the right people would come out of nowhere that will enable them to settle their own needs.

This reminds us that God is faithful when we seek, trust, and honor him first in everything that we do.

Tithing is one way we can honor God through our finances. It’s giving 10 percent of our income as he commanded. Our tithes will go a long way to keep various works of God running. Whenever I can, I tithe, though at times I only give the biggest bill I can find in my wallet when I’m about to run out of budget. But God loves a cheerful giver, and I always hope he would be happy to receive my small love offering as I believe it will be added to a pool of resources that will uplift others. I may experience slight difficulties in settling my bills, yet I choose to give. And I am grateful for how he responds to my actions. Friends would offer help; food treats will arrive; clients appear in the most unlikely place and time; and deadlines of payment are suddenly moved. In these situations, I know God intervenes and meets me in whatever situations I am in.

With God being my provider, I feel that it’s just proper to keep on thanking him by sharing whatever I have besides money. No matter how simple our talent is and no matter how general our knowledge and skill is, they’re from him, and he wouldn’t mind if we use them in something big or not. I feel satisfied when friends would thank me for helping them with their report, for a recommendation that I gave, and for coordinating with someone, so they can earn a little extra. I feel more grateful when a reader would tell me he or she felt encouraged after coming across my short piece written on our community paper. I am delighted when someone would tell me that she was able to avoid becoming broke after she took the advice I shared with her.

See, when we give, we are still receiving something valuable in return, though it may not always come in the form of money.

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