Rekindling the Running Love Affair

We started as puppy love. It was just for fun I said. No strings attached. No commitments. Just admiration for each other.  That was year 2010.

We did a couple of 3 km runs. You said run. I was doing walking (and a little bit of running on the side).

I can’t remember too how long I was able to reach the finish line. I was just there for the freebies. Those things given after each race excited me.

But receiving my race kits was the highlight of everything. Ah! The smell of my new crisp singlets. Awesome feeling!

Some cramping legs and early mornings after, I moved to 5 km category. The excitement never faded. It was as if I was always running my first race. Memories, memories, memories…

At the half of 2011, everything turned cold. We both said we needed a break. We had too much of each other. I guessed familiarity got boring.

I found love somewhere else.  They told me I became a gym rat. I was lifting weights and doing ab workouts. But I spent the most time running at the treadmill. Well old habits never die that fast, huh.

I tried boxing and muay thai. The intensity was brutal and I loved it. That was 2012.

2013 came and it was relaxing and unassuming. No expectations but satisfied. No pressure but contented. I was happy.

And then we met again…

You asked if we could start all over again. Give it another chance. And we did.

One 5 km and three 10 km races after, I realized I missed you. Waking up early, lacing up and running through the breezy air couldn’t be more perfect.

The pounding sound of my shoes hitting the road is music once more. The panting and raising heartbeats are again thrilling.

Indeed, love is sweeter the second time around.

I am in love with running.

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Sheryl Samson shares her story about running. Her message is this: “Hope to bring inspiration and motivation to those who want to get fit. Enjoy!”

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