Relationship Strengths

When you enter into a relationship, you’re inevitably giving a part of yourself away. It comes with the whole experience. And whether it’s smooth sailing or one filled with bumps and bruises, you can be sure that it would be one hell of a ride.

Everyone’s different, that goes without saying. We have different expectations and different perspectives. With these differing ideals come disagreements and that’s normal. But why do we always tend to focus on these difficult moments? It’s true we have expectations that, when not met by our significant other, can leave us falling badly and hurt.

In a relationship, things can go from best to worst in an instant. Adjustments can be challenging when you have to sacrifice your personal interests or when there are unmet agreements. It’s hard to give up when you believe you are right. It’s also unacceptable when he or she is not sorry for his or her faults. When a relationship doesn’t survive as a result of pointing fingers, it leaves us with damaging scars. It’s disheartening to see how the sweet, romantic words of the past have turned into the needless bickering of the present.

When this happens, we should look back at the moment when we first committed into being in a real and loving relationship with our significant others. We must remember the way they made us feel like we belonged to someone. It may have seemed silly, doing things like smiling randomly on the bus. But we felt their presence when we needed them the most. At the end of the day, you find yourself thinking that it doesn’t make sense to fight over insubstantial matters when these precious memories lay right in front of you.

For it to survive, relationships must be built on a foundation of love. Love is not stagnant, it’s a continuous act of and a commitment to looking after your significant other’s well being- physical, emotional, and physiological needs.

Seeing the goodness in your partner creates an atmosphere of understanding. It helps strengthen the relationship – you look forward to seeing each other everyday and as cliché as it sounds, you long to be with each other. Furthermore, focusing on the positive side of your loved one sets away the possibility of issues arising. It outweighs the need to fight and fosters encouragement instead. When this happens, we are transported to the beginning of all promising relationships where both parties are able to sustain happiness.


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