Road to Fitness: Taking It One Step At A Time

Fitness is my passion. And I don’t just mean I love working out and going to the gym. Fitness is my advocacy. I honestly believe in the importance of fitness and I believe that fitness can change a person’s life. Working at 360 Fitness Club has given me the chance to do just that.

Every day, I encounter people from different walks of life striving to achieve their own fitness goals. Everyday, I am given the chance to help someone improve and get one step closer to their fitness goals. I guess you could say that I am one of the lucky ones – I get paid to do something I truly love and believe in.

Everyone has different fitness goals: losing weight, gaining muscle mass, developing strength, toning, or just being active. It doesn’t matter what your fitness goal is, starting is always a struggle. Committing to it is even harder– especially if we fail to see just how important fitness is in our lives. But I am getting ahead of myself, before we can talk about committing to fitness, we first have to start.

Here are some of my tips on taking the first steps to fitness:

1.      Make time.

We all live fast-paced lives. There are always things to do, errands to run, and people to see but you have to make time for fitness.  You just need thirty (30) minutes, two to three (2-3) times a week to start your program. You can use the 2-Day Rule:  Never go more than two days without exercise. You can schedule your exercise every other day to give your body enough time to recover after beating it with an intense workout. For beginners, MWF is the perfect schedule because you can start the week and end it right. It doesn’t matter if it’s before or after work as long as you will stick to it. You can even squeeze it in during your lunch break. Include it in your schedule and stick to it. When you make your workout a habit and it becomes a part of your daily routine, you will never find an excuse to skip it.

Making time for your workout is crucial because fitness is a lifetime commitment. You can’t do it overnight.

2.       Choose an activity that you love.

If you don’t enjoy what you do, there is a possibility that you won’t continue it. Don’t be afraid to explore different activities and find those that you love.

There are a lot of gyms and/or clubs that offer different services. You can try less intense workouts such as Yoga and Pilates or try more intense workouts like Circuit training or High-Intensity Interval training (HIIT). If you don’t enjoy going to the gym, you can consider participating in sports or recreational activities that interest you. If you love to dance, try Zumba classes. There are also pole dance classes. If you’re competitive, try sports like badminton, basketball, or football where you play with your friends and colleagues. If you are more adventurous and you love the great outdoors, you can try trekking, trail biking, swimming or running.

It doesn’t matter what physical activity you participate in, as long as you enjoy it and you’re going to do it regularly, it can be part of your effort in reaching your fitness goal.

3.         Change your eating habits

In my years of experience as a coach, this is the most difficult part of the process my clients encounter – nutrition. I always tell my clients that nutrition and exercise work hand-in-hand in fitness. When you exercise, you break the cells of your body and you let it recover in order for you to be stronger. Without proper nutrition, your body will lack the right amount of nutrients in order for it to recover and function well the next you will need it.

I always tell my clients to eat right, not less. Most of us think that in order to lose weight or build a beach-body, we can just eat less to make our body use the stored fat but in reality, it’s the opposite. Proper food choice is crucial because you can provide your body the ample amount of nutrients. You should choose whole foods rather than processed foods. Add a serving of fruit and/or vegetable in your every meal. Stay away from fatty and salty foods that can slow down your progress. Having these in mind, you can start your meal plan for the whole week.

They say that fitness is 80% made in the kitchen and 20% exercise. Now that you are working outregularly, why not supplement it with the right food that can hasten your progress of reaching your goals.

4.         It does not end in the gym

Keep in mind that reaching your fitness goals does not end in the gym. It involves changing your way of life. Making small lifestyle changes can greatly affect how fast you reach your fitness goals. Here are some examples of small changes that you can make to help you reach your goals:

  • Drink at least 3 liters of water.

  • Walk more. If it’s just a couple of blocks away, save gas, and walk.

  • If you’re just going to the next floor up or down, take the stairs.

  • Prepare your own meals.

Fitness is something that needs to be worked on and not just dreamed of. Plan ahead and stick to it. Find an activity that you love and you will never stop doing it. Develop  good eating habits. And include fitness in your everyday life. With the proper mindset and execution, you can achieve your fitness goal in no time.

I always believe that fitness is not a chore but a choice – a choice that everyone should pick. A choice that can’t be done overnight but should be taken one step at a time.


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Dimple Pelaez is a Coach for 360 Fitness Club, a Junior Development Officer for the Philippines Cricket Association and a Coach for Touch Football and Table Tennis, Brent International School.

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  1. jonathan hill says:

    a passionate and inspiring article dimple. thank you so much. supercoach!!✌️

  2. Zarah d zabanal says:

    Thanks so much,
    I just started my fitness program last year and glad i found ine that
    Interests me and fits my lifestyle and schedule.. It used to be 3x a week but was narrowed to 2x a week ( 55 minutes of exercise per session). Guilty as charged i am one of those who eat less . but after reading your article i will try my best to improve on my diet .. Thanks so much .