Saved by Faith

For three years, I stopped going to church.

I was born Catholic. However, as a child, nobody made me learn how to love my religion– despite the fact that my family members were devout Catholics or that I was enrolled in a Catholic school from Kindergarten to College. I guess even as a child, I felt that I did not fit in, that I was not in the right religion. Yes, I was active in our community church… I even joined youth organizations and I served as a lector on Sundays during mass. But later on, everything still did not make sense to me. I had so many questions that remain unanswered.

Unlike other young people my age, the uncertainty was a big deal for me. So much so that I sought answers through Yoga/Hinduism. It’s true; Yoga indeed provided the enlightenment that I needed. I devoted two years of my life saying chants and mantras and even going to retreats to remote places. I was so happy and satisfied that I finally found my niche. You know those people who post pictures on Instagram of themselves doing yoga poses, with mantras as their captions? Yup, I was one of them. I was so sure that I finally know where I belong.

Not until in 2014 when I saw this church near the building where I was currently working in. It was a Born-Again Christian Church. I remembered that when I was in college, my friends were encouraging me to join them at the same church, but it was the one along Katipunan Avenue. I gave in out of peer pressure. But I never really paid attention to it, and besides I couldn’t really embrace it because first, there was no way my family will approve and second, I was not serious about my life at that moment. I loved going to parties, meeting boys, and having too much adventures. I was living my life as a college girl who had a lot of friends and a lot of time.

Now that I’m all grown up and independent, I’ve realized that I don’t have a lot of time in my hands and I should be making the most out of it. So off I went to that church. After a year, I was baptized again. Tell you what; now I know exactly what I want in my life. It was truly the best decision I ever made and I know nothing can top this. I have fully embraced my faith and nothing can change that anymore. I still live my old life; I go out with friends, I spend a lot of time with my family, but my faith remains. Not a lot of people make their faith or religion a big part of their life that’s why I feel like this was the bravest thing I have ever done. People, especially my loved ones, may always question my new way of living, but at the end of the day, what matters is how big my faith is. This, for me, is taking a path less traveled.

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Vic Medenilla works as a full-time Digital Marketer. On weekends, she finds time to travel, read a good book, or just veg out. Her playlist includes Ellie Goulding, Halsey, Ben Harper, and The Submarines, but she listens to any music, as long as it’s good music. She’s usually fascinated by people who have a very good sense of humor.


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