Spreading the Light

Happiness is a gift that all of us should have and should give.  It’s an emotion that warms up the very core of our beings. It’s like that little blanket that covers us in the middle of the night, that little note that makes our day, that whimsical melody that brightens up our day and drifts the clouds apart in order to make way for the luminescence of the sun.

However, to be a source of it can be baffling at times. Let’s face the truth- we can’t always feel happy all the time and we can’t be a source of it entirely all the time. But is it impossible? That would be a resounding no. But we can try and do our best to make it happen, if done with all that we could and that we’ve got!

Most of the time, happiness is a choice…

Think of this scenario: You are on a bus ride with two possible views on each side of the vehicle’s windows. To your left, you can see the vast, majestic ocean accompanied by seagulls which brings you a tranquil sensation that makes you want to explore more and long for the beat of your heart; a thirst for adventure with joy. On the other side, you can only see a gloomy state of nature. What you choose to focus your attention on and how it would affect you is entirely up to you.

It is a matter of perspective for most people, a choice.

…But not always.

With cases like depression, you can never say that it is a choice. This is where “being a source of joy” comes in, though. Showing that there is more to life than the overridden thoughts of self-harm and helping others ease the burden inside their chests and minds helps a lot more than you know. To be that spark that ignites the light of hope inside of them… It’s more than enough.

Be passion-driven.

Be the kind of person that has this passion for all things he/she loves – the kind of passion that drives others to discover and follow their own. When others see you and the way you deal with your interests and everything you love with much zeal, they’ll be pursuing the things they love too – sooner or later.

The most important of them all – do not forget yourself.

When we want to make the important people in our lives happy, we sometimes tend to forget about ourselves. We get so worked out by pleasing others, that we sometimes don’t notice that our own happiness is being set aside. Sometimes, we have to take a step back and realize when to stop exhausting ourselves. We should be able to set time for ourselves too for that much-needed TLC. If we don’t take care of ourselves, where will the light come from? It starts from everybody’s core, within their very personas.

As Albus Dumbledore has put it, “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light.”

Let’s all try to be that one person. As much as possible, let’s try to not complicate things even further and be a source (even if it’s not at all times) of joy – that streak of light peeking through a room as black as coffee; that glowing ball of radiance in the pitch-black sky.



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Salve Angeluz Dalmacio is a 17-year-old Communications student from Cavite. She is a lover of indie music, fluffy kittens, and creativity. She aspires to be a source of inspiration for other people and she works towards this goal by sharing her works filled with love through writings, poetry, and photography. When she’s not busy with school, she writes on her little and humble webspace at www.indiekitty.net. You may also reach her at salve@indiekitty.net.

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