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Stop Complaining, Start Appreciating

We live in a world where no one is ever satisfied. Whatever happens, people find loopholes and look for excuses to convince themselves that their lives are nothing short of inadequate. But can we blame ourselves for existing in a society that sets unrealistic standards? When you turn on the TV, all you see are fabricated images of perfect proportions of the body, the perfect smile and flawless hair; the perfect life. Reality doesn’t even come close.

As a kid, I thought that my parents had purposely wanted to torture me for sending me to an exclusive girls’ school for the higher class. I was surrounded with daughters of public figures and highly successful professionals and business owners. In short, the girls I grew up with were all perfectly pampered princesses. Insecurity would be an understatement to describe my actual feelings back then. These girls came to school in the most expensive cars and always had new school supplies. I felt so small (literally and figuratively) compared to all of them. I envied their things. I felt like I didn’t belong and true enough, I complained. All the time.

Time passed and I grew. I slowly understood the difference in our stature and had realized that even though I was not at par with them financially, the fact that my parents had sent me to a good school was something to be proud of. I felt comfort in knowing that my schoolmates, turned real friends, appreciated me for who I am and not because I was on their level. It was enough to get me to stop complaining and comparing and start appreciating. That’s where I developed the habit of seeing the good in things. I was able to discover my inner light and learned how to let it shine through.

I’ve come to accept that life really isn’t fair. There would always be people who are richer than you, prettier than you, and more skilled than you but it should not make you feel any less of a person nor should it make you feel that you are not good enough. Living is one constant battle and you can’t go on with unrealistic ideals for yourself because everyone was built to be different and are blessed in different ways — as cliche as it may sound.

There are people who are blessed with a picture perfect face, let them be models. At the same time, some are born to be leaders and then there are some who take pride in being followers and doing hard labor. We all complement each other and you can’t deny the fact that society needs diversity to function. You just have to discover your talents and accept yourself and what you have. Learn how to make the most out of your strengths and fight to overcome your weaknesses.You have to realize that you should set your own standards. Don’t allow yourself to think that you should equal another person’s success to affirm your worth. Trust me, happiness and satisfaction comes easier that way.Complaining gets you nowhere. Learn to see what is not obvious and appreciate the little things. There is good in everything.

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As a Structural Engineer in a male-dominated field, Kai tries to release all the excess testosterone she’s inadvertently absorbing through sports and exercise. She also makes orgasmic chocolate chip cookies. For a sweet fix – visit her instagram.

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  1. Very inspiring! What a way to end my week, thank you for sharing. 🙂