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Stopwatches and Time Bombs

I’m a victim of how fast time moves—of how I was just recently 16 and I’m now 21. I could, more or less, pinpoint milestones but that would only be a third (less even) of that five-year span. Five years compose of numerous months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds — three or four digits all in all, probably. And I ask myself where time went and how much of that did I use wisely?

Tick, tock.

A second passes (maybe that was two) and we can’t take that back; the same goes for the longer measurements of time. They pass by, unnoticed and miscalculated. No amount of money or pleas can get all the missed chances we let go of. We carry a there-is-still-tomorrow attitude or have a maybe-someday-I-will-do-it mindset. What happened to the day when we had control of our decisions? What happened to the day when we could’ve experienced the most? What happened to living today?

We have the tendency to be obsessed over changing our past and worrying about our future. We use our present to dwell on our yesterday and map out our tomorrow. We aren’t able to maximize each precious moment handed to us because we assume that there is still a lot of time on our hands. We find ourselves wishing the things that could have been done, when we realize that the opportunities are gone. We find ourselves hoping on the things that could be instead of taking action to achieve them.

The truth is: we don’t know if today is our last day or if we have sixty more years to live. But what we know is that we have today in our hands. We have today to live for our passion, our purpose, and other people.


What are you truly passionate about? What is it that you dream of doing and achieving? Is it theatre, engineering, or Faith? Whatever it is, pursue it. Live for it. Chase each dream and continue to build new ones. Ignite that fire within you and let it drive you to better, brighter places. Don’t let fear and anxiety hinder you from pursuing the desires of your heart—the desires He has for you. Don’t be afraid to learn and explore what this lifetime has to offer. Take each day as a step closer to your plans and ambitions.

Be excited about new encounters and adventures. Be thrilled with new discoveries and aspirations. Be passionate today.


What is your mission and goal in life? Are you out to spark changes in the world today or be an inspiration towards the people around you? Is there a personal hurdle or a common struggle that you want to overcome? Allow yourself to immerse in different cultures and mindsets. Open your mind to ideologies that can lead you to what you’re meant to do. Discover the different concerns and problems and involve yourself in the possible solutions. Define your life by constantly acting on the completion of your purpose—His purpose for you. Take each day as a step closer to its fulfillment.

Be productive and find meaning. Be determined and persevere through trials and challenges. Be purposeful today.


Who are the people that you truly love? Who can you reach out to and demonstrate patience and generosity? Who are the people around you that need to feel and understand what true Love really is? Love is a constant decision that is demonstrated everyday. It is not a mere temporary feeling. Let love be an action—an overflow from your heart’s desire for the other. Make His love known and manifested through you. Invest in family, friends, and other people you are with everyday. I-love-you’s are never a waste and so are hugs and short, sweet notes. Take each day as if it is your last with your loved ones. Take each day as a step closer to being more loving and to their happiness.

Be intentional and show kindness towards others. Be more selfless and understanding. Be loving today.

“Lost time is never found again,” Benjamin Franklin said. Time is valuable, indeed. Use it wisely. Dream, fulfill, and love.


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Deb Zara delights in discovering new things. She pays attention to people’s personalities and quirks, and food from newly opened restaurants. She takes challenges head-on and sees value in failure and accomplishment. She enjoys learning about the Bible and how else she can improve on herself. She is in constant motion and in constant progress. She is also into writing, photography, sports, and adventure.

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Cover photo by Russel Villena, an Ilocos-based art enthusiast and self-taught photographer. He gives life to everyday things, things that people often neglect. For a collection of his works, visit his Instagram.

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