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Taking The Path Less Traveled

In the movie “Pleasantville”, David (Tobey Maguire) and his twin sister Jennifer (Reese Witherspoon) whimsically transported to an idyllic black and white 1950’s town, living with and an even more idyllic family that lived in it. Everything was, so to speak, perfect. Nothing got broken, scratched, soiled, not until an unexpected twist was revealed. Slowly Pleasantville began changing from black and white to color. Flowers were tinged vibrant red orange. The lake became a calm beauty in blue. People’s faces pinkish, overflowing with emotion and budding inner transformation. Ironically, coming into color came about with a slip of vulnerability, naivete or and maybe even raw boldness. The choices that the townsfolk started taking deviated from what they have been accustomed to yet somehow, they began living authentically.


             At some point, we have come upon crossroads that will ultimately change the course of our lives—contemplating what course to study, what to do after university, what field to pursue.  It can seem like making tough and important decisions are endless. But with the support of people who have your best interests at heart, you feel as if you can do anything.  There are some who go by prearranged plans, comfortable with the course laid out for them.  Yet there are some who set out to new grounds into an uncharted path, leaving their foot trails behind on the path less travelled. Stories of trailblazers who forged on despite uncomfortable circumstances, fuelled only by their inner fire with heart on their sleeves.  And at the right moment, that certain story might just find its way into your consciousness or mine and give the inspiration we yearn for, the gentle push we need.


If there were a map that will guarantee things will turn out perfectly at every point, in every corner, would you want to take it? The route has been established, the road paved and you are travel straight ahead. Or would you take time to scan the horizon and consider the forks ahead, trusting that, no matter what, you will end up where you are exactly meant to be? The path less traveled may hold you back at the first step but it may end up taking you to new heights to see the world in a new light.

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Marj del Rosario is a banker, MBA degree holder, lifelong learner, certified yoga and coffee lover. She appreciates and practices Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Yin yoga regularly. Marj is a certified Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher  and has undergone master classes under Ashtanga Mysore Teacher Clayton Horton and KPJAYI Authorized Level 2 Teacher Mo Reina.  Aside from yoga, Marj also enjoys belly dancing, Samba, traveling to new places, spending time with family and taking in the natural beauty of beaches and landscapes.

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