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I got the chance to watch ABS-CBN’s Christmas station ID yesterday. Their theme for this year is “Thank You, Ang Babait Ninyo”. The video showed celebrities saying “thank yous” to people who they think deserve their “thank yous”. The video made me think (and I think many others too)– who should I be saying thank you to?

I think every good deed (big or little) deserves a “thank you” and it is the little things that we overlook most of the time. I’ve been observing people who ride jeepneys especially when they pay and ask someone to pass the payment to the driver. Unfortunately, there are some people who don’t even say a simple “thank you” to the person who gave the payment to the driver. It might be quite simple but it can definitely make someone’s day happy.

If I think about our normal daily routines, how many times should we say thank you in a day?

Thank You Lord for a brand new day. Thank you Mom for preparing our breakfast and for always reminding us that we need to hurry up or we’ll be late for work. Thank you dad for driving us on our way to work. Thank you to the cleaners in our office to make sure that everything is clean. Thank you to the security guard in our office who constantly greets us “Good Morning Sir!” (it’s a good way to start my day at work) Thank you to the bus and tricycle drivers for driving safely.

This Christmas, it’s nice to focus on our “thank yous” rather than our wishes. Let’s make this season special for the people who have been nice to us.

Thank you.


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2 Thoughts

  1. Zarah zabanal says:

    Hi there rowell glad to get a chance to meet you during the carung cup and make a wish foundation event last nov. 15 and read your article here.

    Truly saying thank you should be part of our life cause this is a sign of appreciation even of small things..

    I always attribute giving gifts or cards or simple token during christmas season as my way of saying thank you .

    1. Hi Ms. Zarah! Glad to meet you too and hopefully we’ll meet again in the future events of Coffee Bean! Thank you! 🙂