That Thing Called “Pag-ibig Para sa Bayan”

We all loved, hoped, and lost. It’s exhausting to loop ourselves in the same cycle all over again. We all exerted effort but at one point, we received nothing in return. We felt frustrated with the things we can’t control. Such brokenness will crush our confidence and self-worth but that doesn’t mean that we are never good enough for this world. There is another kind of love that majority of us still haven’t tried – Pagibig Para Sa Bayan.

We are all inlove everyday. That love might be for a person, a television show, an artist, a hobby, or a passion. But there may also come a time that we experience falling out of love.

“What do we do when we love?” a helpful question to ground ourselves in our passion everyday.

Here are the common general answers of people who are inlove:

1. When we love, we take risks.

When I started working in the government, it gave me a different lens of love. The idea of love isn’t just confined to having someone in my life. Love as what my work was teaching me is pursuing the things I am passionate about despite the fact that some people disagree with me and ask, “Why government work?” Love is about giving effort and being open to the fact that I can be vulnerable to pains and criticisms. It’s when you are willing to go the extra mile, pushing yourself for the greater good.

#PagibigParaSaBayan is taking the risks of fighting for the things that matter.

2. When we love, we sacrifice.

A panelist once asked me “What do you want to do after college?” I answered, “I want to make a change.” That exact moment I knew that I was definite with my answer, excited about being a change maker someday. Soon after, the world made me realize that change isn’t merely an idea but a battle. It’s not easy to be warriors of change. We carry our swords and shields as we deal with the giants everyday. At one point we have to sacrifice our pride, we need to humble ourselves. At one point we have to stretch ourselves to win the last two minutes of the game. At times, we have to sacrifice our emotions so it won’t meddle with the deadlines we need to meet. As change makers we often make unpopular decisions which not everyone can accept.

#PagibigParaSaBayan is making sacrifices and not minding them at all.

3. When we love, we stay.

There are good reasons why I should give up but there are better reasons why I should stay and finish the race. I stay not only because I need a job but because I am surrounded with people who inspire me to continue fighting. It’s when I found my comrades for the battle. How can I give up if I am surrounded with people who are brave and willing to fight? We started it together, we will end it together.

#PagibigParaSaBayan  is choosing to stay despite the Ifs and Buts

There is one thing I am certain about, loving your country is one thing you will never regret, it will not leave you disappointed. Yes, it might not be a perfect story but you always know that your efforts contribute to something significant. You know that taking risks is as an experience where you can also learn from. The heartaches are there but it gives you wisdom rather than an emotional burden.

Love is a battle, your choice counts. Love requires you to give something away, your willingness counts.

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Jennifer Anne Pascua is a Mass Communication graduate. She is currently involved in public service and an advocate of education and youth empowerment. She is fond of going places and listening to people’s life stories. She loves to learn and write. She believes that the greatest fulfillment is when she is able to touch the lives of people. Her heart is close to the youth. “We are made to be excellent to help elevate the lives of other people.”

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