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The Art of Silence

Learning comes in all forms. It does not necessarily call for something tangible or something as grand as learning how to build a home, or learning a sport, or learning a language. Learning can mean contentment, peace, and probably a little knack of wisdom.

In our moments or in places where there is a lack of or very low intensity of audible sound, there is silence. But does “silence” only take its place when there is the absence of din? Does it really only go by its literal definitive term? At one point in our lives, we must go beyond its actual meaning, which is the “absence of noise.” How? By learning it—learning the art of it.

For a friend who demands you to be a confidant and be of comfort—your silence is more than enough. Your silence does not mean the lack of words to say, but it means that you listen, and you are present.

For an unsettled argument that provokes you every time to speak harshly—remember that a meaningful silence to discern is a lot more important than meaningless and spiteful words that can hurt.

For your every hard work that clamors recognition—let your successful output speak for you, because real success is when others praise you more than yourself.

For the dreamer in you that encourages you to keep striving—try to take the silent route in some days. Pay attention to what your heart whispers in the silence of your mind because that is when you realize if you are living your dream or if you are living someone else’s dream.

For the critical citizens in us that feel disappointed when people mistake our silence for ignorance—let your silence be your fuel to affect and make change. And let it be your gear and preparation to fight for what is right and just.

For the love of your life, living or not, that screams attention—give your silence of affection.  This is the affection that warms the heart and can express more than words can say. Cliché? Yes, a tad bit.

And for every noise in your life that seeks silence, learn to give it and learn to do it. It is in the Art of Silence that you receive a handful of answers everyday for yourself answers that will help you live and survive in a world that lacks it.

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