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The Blessing in Giving

Last week I attended our church service and the topic was about how giving is better than receiving, and why happy people tend to give more than what they have. I looked back at my past experiences, to the immersions I have participated, and I thought of how blessed we are as Filipinos- as individuals even- to be naturally hospitable, caring, and affectionate towards each other.

That said, I think that sharing happiness starts with being selfless.

Happiness is neither quantifiable nor justifiable. It just flows and grows. It feeds our souls and cleanses away our ill emotions or experiences.

There may be enough chaos in this world but becoming a blessing to others by being kind, humble, and selfless is never a duty but a humane thing to do. Wherever we go, it is impossible not to care, not to show affection, not to think about people who matter to us and even those we see on the streets seeking shelter and/or food.

Mother Teresa even said “Give, but give until it hurts,” a simple reminder that every single one of us deserves more affection, more kindness, more caring than anybody else. Even though we tend to find ourselves empty-handed, broke, or financially challenged, we give. Because no one has ever become poor by giving.

This is a trait we inherited inside our own homes. Our beloved parents, the epitome of selflessness, taught us to share food with others– our siblings, our relatives, our friends. They taught us to say thanks– for to be happy is to see other people appreciated, too. They taught us values that continue to uphold to this day.

To me, happiness is selflessness. It is by offering what we have that makes us happy people. Happiness is not something kept. It is not something material, not even measurable. It is sharing, by becoming kind and humble, that we become truly happy. It is not how much we have, but how much we can provide. It is not a matter of class, but a matter of reaching out to others.

Happiness is this upcoming holiday season. Happiness is seeing our mothers smile, our fathers proud of us. It is this shared happiness that makes our heart grow fonder.

It is this feeling that keeps us human.

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